Sky Go CarPlay: How to Watch Sky in Your Vehicle?

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Sky Go is a popular app in the UK for watching live television on the “go”. 
So you may be wondering whether you can connect to Sky Go CarPlay to watch TV in your vehicle.
Maybe sports or movies?

Can you watch Sky Go on Apple CarPlay?

Unfortunately, you are not able to natively watch Sky Go via CarPlay.

There are several reasons for this.

Firstly, CarPlay only allows Audio media and only supports certain apps (such as Google Maps, Spotify, etc..). Furthermore, they only transmit to the in-car display what those apps tell it to.

Sky Go is not one of these Apps.

This is for safety reasons; Apple will never support video playback via CarPlay. 

It is probably frustrating, especially if you’re a responsible driver; you’d think it would let you use the app while in park, or stationary.

Similar to Tesla Models, where you can watch YouTube. Unfortunately not. 

See our article on watching YouTube on CarPlay for more information regarding this.


Alternatives to Watching Sky Go via CarPlay

There aren’t many options for watching Sky Go on CarPlay.
Sky has a pretty strict system in place. For instance, you can’t even connect the Sky Go app to your TV using AirPlay. 
Additionally, you need to use a VPN to watch the programs if you’re overseas. 
Here are some of your top suggestions: 

Use Your iPhone

It may sound silly, but it’s probably not worth the hassle of trying to fix a solution to use it with CarPlay. 

Most people only occasionally want to use Carplay and Sky Go together and for short periods.

Instead, you can download the app on your phone and watch it in the car. 

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Tablet or Laptop

You might not be aware, but you can download sky Go on a range of laptops and tablets, which is included in your subscription.
Sky Go App Store Download
Sky Go App Store Download
The following are compatible with the Sky Go app:
  • Google (Phones, Tablets & Chromebooks)
  • Apple (iPhones, Tablets & Macs)
  • Windows (Computers) 
  • Amazon (Phones & Tablets)


* There are certain stipulations for each, like using some of the latest IOS versions. See more at .
You can then watch Sky Go on a larger device, such as an iPad or laptop in your vehicle.
You just need to make sure you can connect to the internet if you haven’t already downloaded the program for offline watching.
You can use a personal hotspot from your mobile phone to get an internet connection to most devices.


Using a Tablet as a Head Unit

We have a whole article dedicated to explaining how to use an iPad as a head unit, but if you want a more hands-free solution, you could use a dashboard car tablet mount, which would mount ot your dash for a better car-watching experience. While parked, obviously.  

Like so:


Using HDMI

Lastly, you could try and use a HDMI connection from your phone or laptop and connect it to your car’s infotainment screen. You would not be using CarPlay, but your car’s built-in infotainment system or Andriod car stereo allows a HDMI connection. 

You may then be able to connect and stream the Sky Go video to your car’s built-in system. 

We have not tested this! However, it does work with your TV.

Try plugging your device into your TV via HDMI and watching Sky Go that way. 


Final Thoughts

If you were able to use Sky Go and CarPlay together, it would be helpful for many people.

However, it is not possible natively for the many safety and company policy reasons we’ve mentioned in this article. Similar to other apps, like Youtube.

Hopefully, you’ll be able to use some of the solutions, such as using another device to watch Sky Go on in your car. 

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