How to fix Apple CarPlay Black Screen?

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Like death and taxes, Apple CarPlay’s black screen is going to happen to you at some point.

So if you’re currently at your wit’s end with your Apple CarPlay, it may be comforting to know you’re not alone. 

The problem is common and has been reported by many car owners across several forums

Apple CarPlay black screen can usually be fixed with minimal fuss, though.

The best way to fix an Apple CarPlay is to do a soft reset. You can also unplug the cord and reconnect it or restart your iPhone / vehicle if it doesn’t help. Finally, if the issue is persistent, talk to a mechanic.  


Causes of Apple CarPlay Black Screens 


Many have pointed accusing fingers at wear and tear as the primary cause for the Apple CarPlay black screen. True as it may be, the CarPlay black screen problem doesn’t discriminate. 

It’s a snag on both new and old cars. Incredibly, many car owners have reported having this problem with their two-week-old brand new vehicles. This leaves a software glitch or bug as one of the major culprits.

Software updates on many tech devices notoriously come with bugs, and Apple devices are no different. Consequently, many car owners have reported having this problem after a software update, with the 2020 update of iOS 13.3.1 indicted. 

Jeep wrangler radio with apple carplay black screen
Jeep wrangler radio with apple carplay black screen

CarPlay Black Screen Solutions 

1. Soft reset

To do a soft reset, press the power button on the radio for about 20 seconds until the Apple logo disappears. 

This can vary from system to system, so you should consult your stereo’s manual if the above option doesn’t work.

2. Remove your vehicle from iOS options

Along with the aforementioned soft reset solution, removing your vehicle from iOS in the CarPlay options and re-pairing has been cited as a solution to the update-induced CarPlay black screen. 

Tip: On the 2017 Honda Civic Lx, pressing the Home button on the car screen and then re-opening CarPlay from the main menu works effectively. 

3. Reboot the head unit

A significant problem with resetting a gadget is the subsequent data loss.

Comparatively, rebooting the head unit can yield similar results but comes with a perk — you get to keep your data.

To reboot the head unit in a tenth-generation Honda Accord, shift the car into reverse, then move the ignition to the ‘ON’ position. The head unit will take a bit longer to boot up—because this is an actual reboot. 

By so doing, you get to keep your data, and CarPlay should start working again.

The process should be similar in other cars and models. Again, consult your car manual for specific instructions.

4. Unplug the phone, reboot the phone or vehicle

It’s pertinent to note that multitasking by splitting the screen via Google maps Carplay settings and other apps sometimes don’t go well with the CarPlay screen. 

This can be solved by unplugging your phone and reconnecting. Restarting the phone, restarting the car, or outrightly keeping a single app on the screen.

Note: The following process is the same for Apple’s wireless CarPlay version, except you don’t need to clean the charging port or worry about cable issues.

5. Clean charging port

Accumulation of dirt and dust on any electronic device will cause issues in the long run. Car owners have reported having some degree of success in getting rid of the CarPlay black screen after cleaning their charging port of dirt and lint. 

6. Use the correct cable

Earlier, we established that the CarPlay black screen problem is mostly a software problem. However, a faulty or incompatible wire can be one of the causes. 

Additionally, cheap cables of inferior quality will likely cause these problems.

Tip: Replacing the cable to the official white Apple cord can be very effective. See our list of the best Apple CarPlay chargers for more advice. 

7. Talk to a mechanic

Owning a car entails that you’ll inevitably need to do some maintenance.

Granted, the much-vaunted DIY approach can save you lots of hassle, but trying to fix something above your skill can leave you with no car at all. 

Some CarPlay black screens may have some underlying factors that will require a professional’s expertise.

When you’ve exhausted your options on fixing the black screen hitch, paying a visit to your mechanic can be the best thing to do.

If the warranty isn’t void, such as from Best Buy, you could also speak to the warranty bearer.

Pro Mechanic
Pro Mechanic



We’ve established the solutions to the Apple CarPlay black screen. While soft resetting is the most credible solution across all brands and models, any of the above solutions come in handy. 

They will surely restore your Apple CarPlay to the lovely, full-functioning gadget you want it to be.

Best of luck!


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