Apple CarPlay Echo Fix (Caller Echo Issue)

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Have you ever called someone via Apple CarPlay, and they complain of hearing an echo of their voice?

This challenge is a natural phenomenon likely to occur after installing CarPlay. Unfortunately, the problem may persist until you find the solution.

However, you may suddenly realize that your caller hears an echo of their voice when talking with you via the CarPlay microphone problem. This occurrence signifies something wrong with the CarPlay system or your phone’s settings.

A situation like this can ruin a smooth business conversation between you and a client who gets fed up hearing himself over and over again.

You shouldn’t treat this problem lightly. Instead, find out what could be wrong. Then get an Apple CarPlay echo fix solution ASAP before it ruins your subsequent vital conversations.

If you’re in a hurry? The main culprits for the Echo issue tend to be one of the following:

  • Faulty USB / Lightning Cables
  • A weak data connection
  • The wrong cellular data option


Main Causes of Apple CarPlay Echo & Solutions

Apple CarPlay is an amazing program that virtually all car owners who are iPhone users like to incorporate into their cars.

However, it would help to prepare for uncertainties or malfunctions that can ruin your day.

Understanding the causes of this challenge will give you headway on what to do to rectify the problem. The followings are some common causes of Apple CarPlay echo and the best solutions to help resolve them.

1. Faulty USB cable

iPhone Cable Connected to CarPlay

A faulty USB cable or defective cable connection is a primary culprit to the most common problems that CarPlay users face. But, unfortunately, it is also one primary reason for your inability to enjoy a smooth conversion via CarPlay WhatsApp or regular phone calls.

The best Apple CarPlay echo fix solution in this situation is to unplug the cable and reconnect it. Then, make a phone call to verify. If the problem remains, you may have to get a brand-new high-quality CarPlay USB cable.

Anker Powerline+ is an excellent well-trusted lightning cable to choose from if you want to replace your lighting cable. As seen below.

Alternatively, if you’re using Wireless CarPlay this won’t be the issue, but it could be related to the connector you’re using. Wireless carplay audio quality issues are common.

2. Weak data connection

WhatsApp calls thrive on the strength of a strong cellular data network connection. A slight defection in the data connection can result in unpleasant echoes conveying a caller’s voice back to them through the CarPlay microphone.

To resolve this issue, check your data connection for any weak signals. If the connection is poor, turn off the data connection and reconnect. This should fix the problem if it is the actual cause of the echo.

3. Inappropriate cellular data option

Some iPhone users may not know the different cellular data options and their implications on their phones. For example, enabling LTE cellular data and selecting “voice and data” can ruin your phone calls with echoes when using CarPlay.

The solution to this problem is to change the cellular data option. To do this:

  1. Go to your iPhone Settings and click on “Mobile Data”
  2. Open “Mobile Data Options”
  3. Then tap “Voice & Data
  4. Then switch on “VoLTE”
Apple CarPlay Echo Fix - VoLTE iPhone Setting
Apple CarPlay Echo Fix – VoLTE iPhone Setting

OR (On some devices)

  1. Go to your iPhone Settings and click on “Cellular.”
  2. Open “Cellular Data Options” and go to “Enable LTE.”
  3. Change the setting from “Voice and Data” to “Data” only.

Once you complete the cellular data option change, you are good to go.

Now, place a phone call via CarPlay and check it out. This is a common solution that most CarPlay and iPhone users apply to CarPlay echo issues when they occur.


Certain iPhone CarPlay Echo

You may be wondering if selected phones cause more of an issue for CarPlay Echo. 

While there is some evidence to suggest the iPhone 13 CarPlay echos seems to be more common, this is limited. 

The suggestions we’ve outlined above should work across all iPhone and IOS versions.

What’s Next?

A phone call is supposed to transmit the sound of the caller’s voice to the recipient through the phone. On the other end, the recipient expects to hear the caller’s voice only, and vice versa, but this doesn’t always happen.

Changing the cellular data option from “data and voice” to “data” only is the most appropriate Apple CarPlay echo fix. However, if this doesn’t rectify the issue, ensure to inspect the USB cable and do not forget to check the data connection if you are calling via WhatsApp.

Nevertheless, what happens when you’ve exhausted the above options without a positive outcome?

This time around, it would be best to consult the Apple support team professionals online.

The Apple support team of experts is always available to help iPhone and CarPlay users resolve challenges beyond their abilities. 

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