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In-car technology. We've got you covered!

At StereoUpgrade.com, we aim to help people upgrade their car’s multimedia system and bring all the new technology to the average driver without buying a new car.

We have general guides and articles on a range of topics and problems, along with car-specific guides.      

Ford KA with a Single DIN stereo

Meet the Founder

Alex HG

I founded StereoUpgrade.com when I wanted to upgrade my car's multimedia system (Hence, "StereoUpgrade.com"!). At the time, I knew very little about car audio in general, but through my research and trial and error, I installed a new head unit. PS: The image above is a previous install of mine. The website has since allowed me to share my knowledge and helpful insights into the world of in-car technology. If you have any questions, you can contact me personally.

Aftermarket stereos and in-car technology addons are more affordable than you might think. Depending on your vehicle, they also are straightforward to install, so why not get a Stereo Upgrade today?

Meet our Authors

Picture of Yasmeen


Yasmeen is a guest author for StereoUpgrade.com; she has a passion for Apple technology and shares her wisdom across these various topics. You'll find her writing with a fluffy dog by her side and a Spanish latte in hand!

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Solomon has over a decade of experience with electronic car systems. But, of course, a lot has changed in that time! He previously worked in several auto repair shops, but he now writes helpful content that informs and educates users about all things car electronics.

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As of January 2023, TextLimt.com is part of StereoUpgrade.com which will help us spread awareness surrounding our STOP texting and driving initiative.