Top 30 Apple CarPlay Siri Commands

carplay siri commands - featured image

Technology has reached heights we simply could not imagine when we were kids. Now we can use our phones to send messages, and emails, play games, listen to music, and more. With Apple CarPlay, we can do it all from our car’s display screen, including these top Apple CarPlay Siri commands.  Here are the top […]

The Future of In-Car Stereo Technology

The Future of In-Car Stereo Technology - featured image

Few things are as enjoyable on a long road trip or daily commutes as listening to your favorite tunes or catching up on the latest podcast. In-car listening is now more convenient than ever due to stereo technology advancements.  In-car stereo systems have come a long way from AM/FM radios. Today, they boast advanced features […]

Is CarPlay Safe & Secure?

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CarPlay’s convenience can’t be overstated. The technology lets you effortlessly access iPhone apps on your car’s head system while driving. While CarPlay scores highly on convenience, just how safe is it?  CarPlay is safe if you use the original version of the app in your car. If you use it in a rented car, there […]