Why Apple Carplay Keeps Disconnecting?

Apple CarPlay Home Screen With iPhone

There are many reasons why your Apple CarPlay keeps disconnecting/stopping, but some of the top reasons are; Loose or faulty lightning cables, inadequate car audio system, power management issues, or software problems.


  • Faulty or loose cables
  • Inadequate Car Audio System
  • Power Management issues
  • Software Problems


  • Replace the cable or find an improved iPhone position.
  • Improve Power Management
  • Update IOS
  • Reboot Car
  • Reset Media System


Like many other Apple devices, the IOS system for Apple’s CarPlay is built to be used with any Apple Device, an iPhone, Ipad, or computer. It can play the radio, your playlist, podcast, text, and a host of other useful features.

All without touching it with your hands, making sure you can focus on the road ahead. (Mostly done through Siri).

Like many operating systems, it has its own fair share of problems. The most prevalent is the CarPlay’s tendency to disconnect or otherwise cease functioning for a user. The reasons why are varied, but here are the most common complaints so far.

Known Issues for Apple Carplay Disconnecting

Your Cables might be loose

  • Yeah, this one is both the most annoying and the most fixable, as all you have to do to fix the problem is just adjust, change, or shake the cable.
  • If you use a wireless carplay system, this obviously shouldn’t be an issue unless you use an adapter. In this case, this would work too.
  • TIP: I find unplugging the cable and plugging it back in to be the most effective way.
  • A permanent fix may be to use an Apple CarPlay phone mount or use wireless CarPlay, so you don’t have to worry about cable at all!

The Car itself

  • This one is a little subjective, but it stands to reason that, at times, older models of cars won’t have the same capabilities as newer ones. You can keep your vehicle running smoothly for many years, but at the end of the day, a car made in prior years will not maintain the same systems as one built-in 2021.
  • Older CarPlay models such as the 2016 car models with manufacture built CarPlay systems have teething problems as this was the first year the CarPlay IOS was put inside as OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer).

Power Management

  • Since the CarPlay system runs on the car’s internal battery, it stands to reason that, should there be an error in the electrical system, the CarPlay system suffers a glitch and can shut off or stop altogether.
  • Put it this way, CarPlay isn’t the most critical part of the car’s electronic system, although it might feel like it when it abruptly cuts on you while you’re trying to navigate through tricky streets and jam to music.

Update Issues

  • Be it a problem in the downloads or a glitch in the matrix, at times; an update just doesn’t work right. You can jostle the cable, redownload it, or even uninstall it, but sometimes the IOS just doesn’t work.
  • Making CarPlay compatible with every car is complicated and sometimes has bugs. Connectivity should be fixed in the next update. You can help by giving apple feedback directly.
iPhone Cable Connected to CarPlay
Loose cables can often giggle around due to driving bumps and vibration; this can sometimes knock your cable out of position.

Other Issues

Now, why might these cause problems for CarPlay? A few simple reasons, one for them being that the car is continuously shaking or vibrating from the road, its engine, the battery, and the chassis’ shake. The result is that CarPlay, or rather the Carplay Unit, might not connect all the time.

Another possibility is that you might just be forced to drive through a dead zone since it’s a wireless device. A dead zone is an area where the connection is failed, inadequate, or otherwise just non-existent.

Of course, it is also possible that there is a problem with the update itself. You can always roll back (go to a previous version) until the latest issue is resolved.

System Reboot

You be surprised just how often rebooting a system solves your problems. Your car electronics are not so different from your phone or PC. Usually, a full reboot will fix the issue quickly.

You should look up how to reboot your specific car on YouTube or check your car’s manual. Often it will involve turning the engine off, getting out of the car, shutting the door, and locking it while fully waiting for it to turn off.


Final Thoughts

Should the iPhone keep disconnecting, it’s a wise idea to seek help from a qualified representative.

Keep in mind, however, that you might have to reinstall the device entirely. Doing so will require wiping out the system from your car so you can have a clean install.

While it can be frustrating when CarPlay isn’t working, hopefully, these solutions will fix the problem for you.

I loved my car but was frustrated with my media system. So I upgraded my stereo, making silly wires and precarious phone mounts a thing of the past. The Apple Car Play stereo was so good I wanted to show more people how this could be done and truly upgrade their cars multimedia system! Founder StereoUpgrade.com
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