History of the First Car with a Radio: When & What was it?

First Car with a Radio - featured image

The first car with a radio was the 1930 Model A Ford. The car was manufactured by the Ford Motor Company and was equipped with a “Motorola” brand radio as an optional accessory. The radio was installed in the dashboard of the car and was powered by the car’s electrical system. The radio in the […]

4 Broken Car Radio Alternatives

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Got a broken car radio? There are many broken car radio alternatives you could try out. To start with, you could completely change the car radio system or even use a portable Bluetooth speaker designed for this purpose. Your car radio may have gone bad due to a blown fuse, damaged antenna, damaged tuner, or […]

Ottocast vs CarlinKit: Which Is Best for You?

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Wireless CarPlay adapters are a great way to give your car a smart touch. They give you hands-free control over your iPhone’s functions while you’re driving. The best part is that you can do this without attaching your phone to any cables. Currently, two dongles on the market are grabbing all of the attention. Continue […]

Apple CarPlay Data Usage: How much does it really use?

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Apple CarPlay data usage is somewhat mysterious for many in terms of what data you can expect it to use.  This might be particularly concerning if you’re on a low-data plan with a limited budget. Well, not to worry, in this article, we’ll dispel the myth and show you how much data usage you can […]

How to adjust Apple CarPlay Brightness?

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Apple Carplay allows car owners to use their iPhones through their infotainment screens. However, your eyes react to these screens in different ways.  A bright screen during the day gives clear vision, but it can be blinding at night, making many car owners adjust their screen’s brightness according to the time of the day.  When […]

Alexa CarPlay: Can I use Amazon Alexa with CarPlay?

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Do you want to use Amazon Alexa instead of Siri to give commands and help while driving? It is not possible to use Alexa with CarPlay. This is because Alexa is operated by Amazon and CarPlay exclusively uses Siri, which Apple operates. So while you can get the Alexa app on your iPhone, this won’t […]

Apple Maps Satellite View CarPlay: Is it Possible?

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Are you interested in using Apple maps satellite view in CarPlay? Maybe so that you can see the building or terrain around you? Or just a personal preference? It’s not possible to use Apple Maps and satellite view via CarPlay. This feature isn’t available. However, the Google Maps CarPlay app allows satellite view while driving, […]

How to fix Apple CarPlay Black Screen? (Latest IOS)

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Like death and taxes, Apple CarPlay’s black screen is going to happen to you at some point. So if you’re currently at your wit’s end with your Apple CarPlay, it may be comforting to know you’re not alone.  The problem is common and has been reported by many car owners across several forums.  Apple CarPlay’s […]

Jeep CarPlay Not Working? – 5 Practical Solutions

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Apple CarPlay is a digital interface that uses your iPhone to connect to your Jeeps infotainment system. It lets you use your phone as a remote control and interact with apps like Maps, Messages, and Music through voice or touchscreen commands, but only when it’s working! Your Jeep Apple CarPlay unit may not work for […]

How can I get Apple Carplay on iPad?

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CarPlay throws everything you could do with an iPhone while you drive right into your car’s infotainment screen or built-in display. Yes! It’s safer to access your phone via the screen in front of you than to use it directly when driving. But the question can you use your iPad to get Carplay and experience […]