What’s the Best Settings for Kenwood Car Stereos?

best settings for Kenwood Car Stereos featured image

The setting for a Kenwood stereo system depends on the installed equipment and the type of music that is played. The simplest way to get the best setting for your Kenwood stereo is to select your music preset styles, such as Pop, Jazz, or Rap. This way, the stereo will automatically adjust the setting to […]

How To Fix a Ford Sync Radio With No Sound?

The best way to fix a ford sync radio with no sound is to perform a master reset to set the radio back into normal operating mode. Be aware that performing a master reset will have navigation points and personal data.   Perform A Master Reset OR  Consult Ford Approved Mechanic Ford Sync Connected but No […]

Fixing Apple CarPlay Lag & Audio Delay

Fixing Apple CarPlay Lag & Audio Delay: Featured Image

Apple CarPlay is an exciting mobile phone integration program for cars. However, you may experience glitches with the system over time. Apple CarPlay lag and audio delay are common challenges you may face. Apple CarPlay being glitchy and disconnecting can be highly frustrating. For example, imagine trying to see a video from YouTube, and the […]

Apple CarPlay Echo Fix (Caller Echo Issue)

Apple CarPlay Echo Fix : Featured Image

Have you ever called someone via Apple CarPlay, and they complain of hearing an echo of their voice? This challenge is a natural phenomenon likely to occur after installing CarPlay. Unfortunately, the problem may persist until you find the solution. However, you may suddenly realize that your caller hears an echo of their voice when […]

Wireless Carplay Audio Quality – Is the sound quality great?

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Carplay technology allows drivers to access their phone’s content on their car stereo using a cord. However, with the recent upgrade, drivers can now access their phone’s audio and other content on their stereo without a wire connection.  Here, you connect your phone to your stereo via Bluetooth or a combination of Bluetooth and Wifi. […]

How to put Music on USB Drive for Car Audio? 2 Simple Methods

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Sometimes, some music you want on your car stereo is on different websites or stuck in CDs/DVDs. A simple way to get these songs is to transfer them to your USB Drive. Except you want to be going to those websites to listen to those songs or carrying bags of CDs around. Some latest car […]

Android Auto Audio Quality: 9 Simple Sound Improvement Hacks

Android Auto Audio Quality featured image

Android auto, just like CarPlay, helps one access their smartphone’s content on their infotainment screen. You can navigate, receive calls and messages, and even stream music via your infotainment screen. However, most drivers have complained that the Android auto audio quality is poor. A common issue with the Android auto audio quality is that it […]

Apple CarPlay Music Not Working: What Should I Do?

Apple CarPlay Music Not Working

Gone are the days of fumbling for CDs or cassettes when playing music in the car. You now have access to your entire playlist wherever you go, thanks to technology like Apple CarPlay. But as convenient as having your favorite songs at your fingertips, it can be equally annoying when your music won’t play.  Problems […]

Deezer CarPlay: A Guide to Using the App & Troubleshooting

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Today we’ll take a look at Deezer as a CarPlay app. Then we’ll launch into some troubleshooting regarding the Deezer CarPlay methods.  Deezer gives unlimited access to search songs, podcasts, and various radio channels for $10.99 per month or free with ads. You can also subscribe to the Family Plan for $17.99 monthly. The CarPlay […]

5 Best CarPlay News Apps To Consider Downloading

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If you’re like most people, you rely on your smartphone to keep up with the latest news. But what if you are always on the road and can’t afford to keep checking your phone? That’s where CarPlay news apps come in.  There are no dedicated news apps for CarPlay, but the TuneIn Radio app is […]