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For Apple users, adding CarPlay to your car is a great way to improve your driving experience and allow you to use your devices more safely when on the road. 

Jeep has offered Apple CarPlay for select models since 2017, beginning with the Jeep Compass. Setup is relatively easy, and using CarPlay allows for safer driving. You may need to update CarpliOS, fix the connection, or upgrade to a newer iPhone if CarPlay isn’t working on your Wrangler or Cherokee.

This article will tell you everything you need to know about Apple CarPlay for Jeep drivers.

I’ll help you set it up, and troubleshoot any issues you may face.

A Brief History of Jeep Apple CarPlay

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While Apple has introduced CarPlay since 2014, Jeep was not among the first automotive brands to get on board. However, it’s now one of the many vehicles that offer Apple CarPlay support.

Does Jeep Have Apple CarPlay?

Since 2017, Jeep has offered Apple CarPlay for a number of its vehicles. You can find out if your vehicle has Apple CarPlay by checking for the CarPlay logo near the USB port or looking for mention of it in the user’s manual.

However, for reference, you can check the following table to check if your Jeep has Apple CarPlay. As of writing, these are the models that currently offer the service:

  • Since 2017: Jeep Compass
  • Since 2018: Jeep Grand Cherokee, Jeep Renegade, Jeep Wrangler
  • Since 2020: Jeep Cherokee, Jeep Gladiator
  • 2022 model: Jeep Grand Wagoneer, Jeep Wagoneer


Generally speaking, you can expect Apple CarPlay to be available if your Jeep comes with its uConnect CarPlay system. That’s the infotainment system that is also available with other automotive brands such as Chrysler, Dodge, and FIAT. 

Setting Up Apple CarPlay on a Jeep

Many Jeep owners need clarification on the uConnect system and may need to be more familiar with setting up Apple CarPlay. However, the process is simpler than you think. Here’s how you can set up the Jeep Wrangler Apple CarPlay. The same basic process applies to other models as well.

How Do I Set Up Apple CarPlay on My Jeep?

You can set up Apple CarPlay on your Jeep by plugging your device in via a CarPlay lightning cable and selecting the Carplay icon on the jeep screen.

wired carplay connection for comparison vs wireless carplay

Below are the steps you should follow to set up CarPlay on your Jeep, if it is available. 

1. Plug In the USB Cable

As I mentioned earlier, the USB port on your infotainment system will probably have a CarPlay logo near it if your Jeep is compatible with CarPlay. Make sure to use an original Lightning cable to connect your Apple device to your Jeep’s infotainment system. Some models will also allow a wireless CarPlay connection, which is established via Bluetooth and Wifi. 

2. Lauch CarPlay

To launch CarPlay, on the connect system, find the CarPlay icon and click on it to launch. You may get asked to agree to the terms of service, but you can accept this, and the CarPlay home screen should appear, with all of your CarPlay apps on it.

If you cannot find the icon, CarPlay is either unavailable for that model, or there are other issues you need to fix. More on that later.

3. Bring Up Siri

The final step to complete the pairing process is to bring up Siri. There are two ways to do this; both will work equally. Here’s how to bring up Siri and finalize the activation process:

  1. Hold down the voice control button on your steering wheel, or;
  2. Press the CarPlay app on the infotainment screen.


In both cases, you should keep pressing the relevant button until you hear or see Siri via the infotainment screen. You can then use various Siri voice commands to access your infotainment system needs.

Jeep Apple CarPlay Not Working

There are many practical solutions to fix Jeep CarPlay not working. I’ll cover the most common below. 

Why Won’t CarPlay Work in My Jeep?

CarPlay may not work on your Jeep if the connection is disrupted or your device is older. Also, some regions do not support Apple CarPlay. Closing the App on your phone may also stop the application from working on your Jeep.

Connectivity Issues

Lightning cables and other USB cables are notorious for being hardware with a relatively short lifespan, even when the cables are cared for properly. Check your USB connection to see if there are physical signs of wear and tear. 

This problem might also arise if the cable is not properly connected on both ends. This can either be because the the cable is loose and not plugged all the way in, or there is lint/fluff stuck in the ports. 

phone port

Older iOS

Your Apple device should be running on iOS 7.1 or higher in order to be compatible with Apple CarPlay. This is particularly a problem if you are using an older device, such as the iPhone 5, as updates to the operating system may no longer be available.

If you have an iPhone 5 or iPhone 6 with CarPlay, consider upgrading, as it will likely be very slow if it even works.

No Regional Support

While Apple CarPlay is one of the leading apps that car owners download, there are still some regions around the world where CarPlay is not supported or not allowed. Check with your local authorities or car dealerships to find out if CarPlay is supported in your region.

Some people like to use a VPN in order to access their Jeep Apple CarPlay, but that strategy doesn’t always work out. So, I would recommend asking around before you commit to buying a brand new Jeep, especially if CarPlay use is important to you.

Note: Apple CarPlay may also stop working if you don’t have a steady CarPlay data connection for your apps. 

Closed App

Finally, you might have accidentally closed a CarPlay application on your phone, which would definitely result in disrupting your driving experience. You will need to make sure you don’t close any of the apps on your phone while you’re using CarPlay.

Final Thoughts

If you own a fairly new Jeep, Apple CarPlay is probably a service you can enjoy using. Follow the instructions mentioned above, and you can set up your uConnect to use Apple CarPlay. You should also now be able to fix any errors that occur as a result.

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