How to Reboot Android Car Stereo? 4 Methods

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While android car stereos are more convenient to operate than analog, they’re more enjoyable when they respond quickly.

However, it becomes annoying when you tap, and it doesn’t respond or acts weirdly. 

A stereo can be unresponsive due to software malfunction or after working non-stop for a long. A reboot might be the fastest way to get it working again. 

Sometimes, people also reboot to freshen the system for optimal performance. Whichever your reason is, here are easy steps on how to reboot your Android car stereo.

How to Reboot Android Car Stereo

Rebooting the android car stereo differs from vehicle to vehicle. So, here, we have outlined four easy ways to reboot an android car stereo. If one doesn’t work, try another.

The four main options include:

  1. Reboot Setting
  2. Using Power Buttons
  3. The Reverse Reboot (Only for particular models)
  4. Factory Reset


Continue reading for details on how to perform these options.

Method One: The Reboot Setting

Step1: Go to settings (This should appear on the screen already)

Step2: Tap on factory settings 

Step 3: A page requesting you enter a passcode should pop up. 

To get the code, check your owner’s manual. Alternatively, call your dealer or manufacturer and request the code. But ensure you have the VIN and the car stereo serial number.

Another option is to visit your manufacturer’s website. They have a section where you can get your code by inputting your vehicle’s year, model, make of stereo serial number, and VIN.

Suppose you’re using an aftermarket or upgraded stereo; you may want to contact the stereo manufacturer directly.

Step 4: Enter the code (a list of functions will pop)

Step 5: From the list, tap on reboot

Step 6: The stereo should shut down and start again automatically. See how this video explains it.

PS: The video is not in English (sorry) and should be taken as a rough guide, as each Android head unit usually has a separate process. 

Method Two: using buttons

In some car models, rebooting the android head unit is as simple as pushing a button or two. 

Step 1: Press and hold down the power button for a few seconds.  

Step 2: In some vehicles, it will show you a list of functions.

Step 3: Tap on reboot; this should shut down the radio and turn it on again.


Method Three: The Reverse 

This method is helpful, especially when the head unit refuses to turn off with the car. Unfortunately, probably because it’s been on for too long, a few Honda Accords and other brands will work in this fashion.

If a reboot doesn’t fix it, and your android car radio refuses to turn off, it may be due to other reasons. If not fixed, the head unit can drain your battery or cause further damage to your car stereo system.

Step 1: Check the current radio uptime. This way, you’ll be sure this method worked.

  • Go to settings
    • Tap on system
      • About
        • Status 
          • Uptime. The uptime should be high.


Step 2: Turn off the car and put the transmission into reverse

Step 3: Turn on the vehicle. The reverse camera should turn on; leave it on the screen for 2–3 seconds 

Step 4: Put the car in neutral

Step 5: This should reboot your android head unit. Recheck the uptime; it should be lower. You can check this video for a better understanding.

Method Four: Factory Reset

Sometimes, the only way to reboot the stereo head unit is to do a factory reset. However, this may be a bitter pill to swallow, as it will change all settings. In addition, after the reset is completed, you will need to redo all the stereo settings again.

In some vehicles, all you need is to press the reset button or push and hold down the power button for a few seconds. But if this doesn’t work, you can reset the android head unit this way;

Step 1: slide down the top screen to see Android options

Step 2: Go to car settings

Step 3: Tap reset factory

Step 4: Input your pin if activated or use 7890. If none works, consult your manual. Other alternatives are your manufacturer’s website or dealer. However, if it doesn’t require a code, skip step 4.

Step 5: Click ok. Your stereo should reboot after the factory reset.

Factory Reset button
Factory Reset button. If only it were this easy?

Note: If you’re having issues with your sound, this may even help improve your Android auto audio quality.


This article has highlighted how to reboot the android car player differently. This should get the stereo working correctly again, allowing you to use our favorite apps, such as playing youtube on your car stereo.

However, consult your car stereo manual if none works, or you can’t access any of those settings.

Your manufacturer’s website or their support may be another alternative. Better still, search through Google or Youtube for your exact stereo model for a specific guide, should none of our methods work.

Best of luck!

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