iHeartRadio CarPlay: A Complete Guide

iheartradio carplay - featured image

If you love listening to music, podcasts, or other radio programs as you drive, the iHeartRadio CarPlay App would be perfect for you. You can use it with most iPhone versions, as well as a car model that supports CarPlay. Also, you can tune in to iHeartRadio stations and stream your favorite audio throughout your […]

Amazon Music Dolby Atmos

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Dolby Atoms is an amazing immersive experience, allowing for superior music quality. But, what is it, and how do you use it in combination with Amazon music? Dolby Atoms is a premium feature, part of the Amazon Music Unlimited account, which is an add-on to the regular prime music account. Dolby Atmos tracks are clearly […]

Tidal CarPlay: A Complete Guide

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Tidal is one of the less used paid streaming services, with its main selling point being superior sound quality.  However, how does the Tidal Carplay App perform well, and what do you need to know about it? I took out the Tidals’ basic plan to test out the full features and to discover if it […]

Sky Go CarPlay: How to Watch Sky in Your Vehicle?

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Sky Go is a popular app in the UK for watching live television on the “go”.    So you may be wondering whether you can connect to Sky Go CarPlay to watch TV in your vehicle.   Maybe sports or movies?   Can you watch Sky Go on Apple CarPlay? Unfortunately, you are not able […]

CarPlay FaceTime: What You Need To Know!

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FaceTime is a favorable app that has been around for more than a decade.  This application lets you connect and chat with friends, family, and coworkers through video calls.  However, many people don’t realize that you can also use FaceTime with CarPlay. CarPlay FaceTime allows you to connect your phone to your car with Bluetooth […]

YouTube Music CarPlay: How To Get Started?

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One of the apps you can use with CarPlay is YouTube Music, a music-streaming platform created by Google.  You might be wondering how to utilize the best features of both applications to upgrade your overall driving experience. To get started with YouTube Music on CarPlay, you first need to connect your phone to your vehicle. […]

SoundCloud CarPlay: Everything you need to know!

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One of the common concerns among users who have installed the SoundCloud app is that it fails to show on your CarPlay head unit.  Understandably, this can be frustrating when wanting to stream or listen to your favorite tunes while you drive.  So, is there a problem with SoundCloud CarPlay compatibility, and if so, what […]

Uber CarPlay: Is It Compatible for Drivers?

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Apple CarPlay is a popular app among iPhone users because it allows them to connect their phone interface wirelessly or via USB with their vehicle’s infotainment system safely.  CarPlay is standard equipment in almost all new cars available for purchase in the US, regardless of their make or price. So, can an Uber driver use […]

Audible CarPlay App: How To Listen to Audio Books?

Audible CarPlay - Featured Image

Listening to an audiobook while driving can make a long car trip far more enjoyable.  Audible is an Apple-approved third-party app from Amazon that lets users listen to audiobooks.  Apple CarPlay connects an iPhone to a vehicle’s console, allowing users to enjoy various apps while driving.  Here are the steps to follow when setting up […]

How to Play YouTube in Car Audio System: Music & Video

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To play Youtube in car stereo is reasonably straightforward for music but tricker for videos. For music, all you need is the YouTube music app. But for videos, you’ll usually need to download third-party apps.  How to Play Youtube in Car Stereo? To play youtube through your car stereo will depend on whether you’re looking […]