Can You Use an iPad as a Head Unit? (Car Stereo)

A head unit is also called an infotainment system. It is a component that has a unified interface for your car stereo system. Many cars come with a head unit, which includes GPS, a car stereo, and other features and settings. If your car is not outfitted with one, you may wonder if you can […]

How can I get Apple Carplay on iPad?

How can I get Apple CarPlay on iPad -Featured Image

CarPlay throws everything you could do with an iPhone while you drive right into your car’s infotainment screen or built-in display. Yes! It’s safer to access your phone via the screen in front of you than to use it directly when driving. But the question can you use your iPad to get Carplay and experience […]

Sky Go CarPlay: How to Watch Sky in Your Vehicle?

sky go carplay - featured image

Sky Go is a popular app in the UK for watching live television on the “go”.    So you may be wondering whether you can connect to Sky Go CarPlay to watch TV in your vehicle.   Maybe sports or movies?   Can you watch Sky Go on Apple CarPlay? Unfortunately, you are not able […]