CarPlay Email: Is It Possible & How Do I Use It?

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For most drivers looking for synchronization between their smartphone and vehicle, CarPlay is the ideal choice.

It allows you to play audio text messages, make and receive calls and even browse the web without touching your phone.

However, if you’re busy, you may want your CarPlay to read emails while driving.

You can use CarPlay and email with another application. CarPlay doesn’t have a setting that plays emails while driving. However, if you want CarPlay to read and sort emails while driving, install a speaking email app for CarPlay.

This article will explore the options you have in terms of reading CarPlay emails.

It will look at whether you can use the email reading feature on your iPhone through CarPlay and how to set up an email reading app with CarPlay.

Can CarPlay Have Email Access?

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When it comes to voice functionality, CarPlay offers many options for drivers.

You can have CarPlay read text notifications and make or receive calls, amongst other features.

But what about using voice commands to access email?

CarPlay can have email access, although you currently can’t use CarPlay’s built-in settings to access your email with voice commands. You’ll need to install a third-party app to access your email with voice commands.

Fortunately, CarPlay’s audio and playback controls are all you need to manage your emails with a CarPlay email reader.

However, this may only be possible with the latest CarPlay software, and older vehicles may not support email reading apps.

How To Use CarPlay Email Reader Apps


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If the app is now working please let me know so I can update this article and help fellow users. Thanks 🙂

When using a third-party speaking email app for CarPlay, ensure you have the latest version of CarPlay installed.

You’ll also need to confirm your car’s stereo software is updated and that CarPlay access features are enabled.

Before you download the speaking email app, remember that it’s not an official Apple app, and you won’t get support from Apple for issues with the app.

Follow these steps to set up CarPlay Email Reader:

  1. Download the CarPlay Email Reader app from the App Store on your iPhone.
  2. Make sure your email is compatible with the app. Most CarPlay email reader apps will support both Gmail and Outlook email apps.
  3. Allow the app permission to access and edit your emails. The App will be able to read and delete emails on voice commands.
  4. Make sure Siri is connected, and check that CarPlay has access when your phone is off. This app works online, so you’ll need to ensure that you have connected to your data or WiFi before using it with CarPlay.
  5. Connect CarPlay to your vehicle and access your email.


Most CarPlay email reader apps are pretty simple, and you can access them with the available CarPlay controls so you can manage your emails without touching your smartphone. 

If you have a vehicle with the latest stereo system, you’ll be able to use the email with voice commands.

If your vehicle’s stereo system is older, you may still be able to access the app with the controls on the steering wheel.

What Does an Email Reader App for CarPlay Do?

Speaking CarPlay Email App on Apple App Store

An email reader app for CarPlay can read and edit emails, play content in an organized way, and help you delete spam emails with voice commands. You can also access other email functions such as unsubscribing from mailing lists, blocking accounts, archiving emails, and various other functions.

Some of the benefits of using a speaking email app for CarPlay include:

Email Text to Speech

You can listen to email titles and play entire emails with voice commands.

You can pause the text to speech during the email if you feel the email belongs to junk or spam. 

This feature is handy since it allows you to save time and sort your mail while driving.

Best of all, you’ll be able to keep your eyes on the road!

Sort Out Emails

With this app, you can declutter your inbox. It allows you to sort emails and label them as junk, spam, or other categories.

You can also select emails and mark them as read, especially if you know they aren’t necessary. This feature can help you save time when you’re hurrying to clear out your inbox.

Smart Content Detection

The email reader app has smart-content detection that helps it sort your emails from most important to least important.

Unlike having your iPhone play out all emails, you can choose which emails to play and which to skip to save time while sorting your inbox.

Final Thoughts

While CarPlay doesn’t have a built-in email access feature, you can still access your emails by installing an email reader app.

With the app, you can read and manage your emails using the voice commands of CarPlay, allowing you to clear your inbox while driving safely.

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