CarPlay Email: Is It Possible & How Do I Use It?

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For most drivers looking for synchronization between their smartphone and vehicle, CarPlay is the ideal choice. It allows you to play audio text messages, make and receive calls and even browse the web without touching your phone. However, if you’re busy, you may want your CarPlay to read emails while driving. You can use CarPlay […]

Google Hangouts CarPlay: How To Download & Use

If you’re someone that uses Google Hangouts frequently for chats and video calls, you may be wondering whether it can connect to CarPlay. After all, it would be really convenient to schedule your chats and meetings while driving! So, how do you set up and use Google Hangouts on CarPlay?  Before we start, you cannot […]

How To Remove Messages From CarPlay & Stop for the Future!

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Apple CarPlay offers seamless connectivity between multiple devices when you’re on the road. This same seamlessness can occasionally be annoying. Perhaps you’d prefer it if passengers did not get to see your phone’s notifications or if they’re distracting you while driving. You can remove messages from CarPlay and stop them from appearing in the future […]

Slack CarPlay: Is it Compatible?

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For team communication and planning, Slack is one of the most-used apps. The app is easily accessible on a computer, laptop, and even via mobile. If you’re looking to increase your productivity even while you’re away from home, you might wonder if Slack is compatible with CarPlay. You cannot use Slack on Apple CarPlay. Slack’s […]

Telegram CarPlay App: Is it Compatible & What you Need to Know!

As an avid fan of the Telegram app, knowing that this application is compatible with a wide variety of devices from Android, iOS, Windows, Mac to Linux platforms is something to smile about. But is this popular messaging app compatible with CarPlay? Let’s find out. The Telegram messaging app is compatible with Apple CarPlay and […]

Does Facebook Messenger CarPlay Work? & How To Install It

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CarPlay is one of those genius inventions that allow you to keep in touch with people safely while you’re on the road. While most of Apple’s built-in communication apps can connect to CarPlay, many third-party apps aren’t yet available. Since Facebook Messenger is a communication app, is it compatible with CarPlay? Facebook Messenger CarPlay does […]

WhatsApp CarPlay

whatsapp carplay - CarPlay

In 2018, Apple CarPlay started providing support for WhatsApp. The popular messaging platform complemented the Apple standard by allowing drivers to communicate with others via voice or text while ensuring they stay safe on the road. WhatsApp on Apple CarPlay is similar to the regular WhatsApp app, but with added features specifically designed for use […]