Carplay & Radio: How To Stop CarPlay From Interrupting Radio?

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CarPlay provides a safer, simpler approach to navigating your vehicle’s sound system without having to take your attention off the road.

However, as the feature is becoming more and more popular, drivers began to complain that its use interfered with their radio systems.

You can usually stop CarPlay from interrupting the radio by using third-party apps that allow you to use the two simultaneously. Depending on the make and model of your car, there might be alternative approaches you can take, but the above is the most common. If all else fails, turn off CarPlay.

In the rest of this article, I’ll dive deeper into how you can stop CarPlay from interrupting audio while recommending excellent third-party apps to help you achieve this.

So if you want to learn more about tips and tricks on how to run CarPlay and your radio simultaneously, keep reading.

How To Stop CarPlay From Interrupting Radio

As I mentioned, the best way to prevent CarPlay from interrupting your radio will vary depending on the specific issue you encounter and the make and model of your car.

That said, I’ll be covering some universal solutions that seem to work for the majority of users.

  • Make sure your phone is running on the latest iOS. If your device’s software isn’t updated, CarPlay will be much glitchier and harder to navigate. After all, CarPlay software updates usually fix bugs on older iOS versions (among other things).


  • Try a third-party CarPlay app on your phone that allows you to tune into radio stations while using CarPlay. For example, apps like TuneIn Radio and iHeartRadio are two excellent choices. I’d say installing these apps maybe your best solution, especially if your car doesn’t allow for much customization with its features.

iHeartRadio apple CarPlay - audio playing

  • If all else fails, turn off CarPlay on your iPhone. I know this isn’t an ideal solution if you’re a CarPlay fanatic. However, if you’re determined to get your radio stations back and nothing else seems to work, this might be the only solution. I’ll take you through how a step-by-step process on how to turn off CarPlay on your iPhone later.


While newer car models might allow you to use your radio and Carplay simultaneously, this isn’t the case with many cars.

Also, you’ll hear people claiming to have solved this issue by adjusting their vehicle’s or phone’s configurations.

But, as I said, using a third-party app is the most advisable approach if your iOS is updated. They are also the most reliable! 

I recommend: TuneIn

Can You Listen to the Radio While Using CarPlay?

You usually can’t listen to the radio while using CarPlay unless you download a third-party app to your phone to facilitate the process. Even though some newer makes and models allow you to use both features simultaneously, enabling CarPlay will interfere with your radio in most cases.

Once CarPlay is activated, your vehicle’s infotainment system essentially turns into a mirror of your phone, meaning the sound system will only pick up audio from the device itself.

That’s why CarPlay (as convenient and innovative as it is) generally won’t allow you to continue listening to your car’s radio uninterrupted.

How Do I Switch From CarPlay to Radio?

You can switch from CarPlay to radio by disabling CarPlay on your iPhone. To do so, go to your phone’s settings, Setting>Screen Time> Content & Privacy Restrictions>(Toggle on)> Allowed Apps > Disable CarPlay.  This is the only surefire way to make the switch.

stop carplay from interrupting radio - disable carplay
stop carplay from interrupting radio – disable carplay

Right now, switching from CarPlay to radio requires disabling the former on your iPhone. Doing so will allow your vehicle’s sound system to play audio from the radio. 

On some models, you might even be able to switch off CarPlay by pressing a steering wheel button. Fords, for example, usually provide this feature.

Another possible solution is to choose the “Don’t Show Apple CarPlay Screen” option when connecting your smartphone to your vehicle.

Final Thoughts

Even though CarPlay is a convenient, innovative feature that many drivers have embraced, one of its biggest drawbacks is that it often interferes with your vehicle’s radio.

Luckily, the issue can usually be resolved by using a third-party radio app on your iPhone.

You can also try updating your CarPlay iOS, or (in the worst-case scenario) turn off CarPlay altogether, though that may not be the most ideal solution if you have a soft spot for CarPlay.

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