Carplay & Radio: How To Stop CarPlay From Interrupting Radio?

how to stop carplay from interrupting radio - featured image

CarPlay provides a safer, simpler approach to navigating your vehicle’s sound system without having to take your attention off the road. However, as the feature is becoming more and more popular, drivers began to complain that its use interfered with their radio systems. You can usually stop CarPlay from interrupting the radio by using third-party […]

Are Car Stereo Faceplates Interchangeable?

Are Car Stereo Faceplates Interchangeable. Featured Image

The car stereo faceplate is the outer covering that gives the stereo a finished look. And an interface through which you operate the stereo. Without it, the stereo will look unattractive or send a signal that your car doesn’t have one. Every vehicle has a unique stereo faceplate. But you may wonder why someone wants […]

5 Best CarPlay News Apps To Consider Downloading

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If you’re like most people, you rely on your smartphone to keep up with the latest news. But what if you are always on the road and can’t afford to keep checking your phone? That’s where CarPlay news apps come in.  There are no dedicated news apps for CarPlay, but the TuneIn Radio app is […]

Best Apple CarPlay Radio Apps

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Apple CarPlay is a system that allows you to use your car’s infotainment screen as a display screen for an iOS device. That means you can turn that or any screen into a giant phone screen, but not all apps work with Apple CarPlay. If you want to listen to radio stations as you cruise, […]

TuneIn CarPlay: A Guide To Using TuneIn With CarPlay

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TuneIn is a popular service for listening to online radio stations and podcasts. If you have a car that supports CarPlay, you can easily connect your phone to your car and listen to TuneIn through your car’s speakers. With options to control the music through buttons on the steering wheel or touch screen in the […]

Deezer CarPlay: A Guide to Using the App & Troubleshooting

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Today we’ll take a look at Deezer as a CarPlay app. Then we’ll launch into some troubleshooting regarding the Deezer CarPlay methods.  Deezer gives unlimited access to search songs, podcasts, and various radio channels for $10.99 per month or free with ads. You can also subscribe to the Family Plan for $17.99 monthly. The CarPlay […]

iHeartRadio CarPlay: A Complete Guide

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If you love listening to music, podcasts, or other radio programs as you drive, the iHeartRadio CarPlay App would be perfect for you. You can use it with most iPhone versions, as well as a car model that supports CarPlay. Also, you can tune in to iHeartRadio stations and stream your favorite audio throughout your […]

5 Reasons Why Car Radio Won’t Turn Off When Door Opens

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It’s only natural to freak out a little when you realize the car radio won’t turn off when the door opens. All your instincts are pointing you to the dealership. But before you do that, consider these simpler reasons why your car radio might not be working as it should. The most common reason why […]