AUX vs USB: Which Connection Method is Best?

AUX vs USB - featured image

AUX and USB are two of the most common ways to connect audio devices to external speakers, headphones, or other audio equipment. While both AUX and USB connections serve the same purpose, there are some key differences between them that can affect their performance and suitability for different applications. As a car audio enthusiast, I […]

Phone Charging Without a Cigarette Lighter in a Car

Phone Charging Without a Cigarette Lighter in car

Do you always find your phone battery low while driving and your car doesn’t have a cigarette lighter port? Well, there are a few methods how to charge phones in cars without a cigarette lighter. This article will reveal some perfect ways to charge your phone in vehicles without cigarette lighters, from USB ports to […]

4 Broken Car Radio Alternatives

Broken Car Radio Alternatives featured image

Got a broken car radio? There are many broken car radio alternatives you could try out. To start with, you could completely change the car radio system or even use a portable Bluetooth speaker designed for this purpose. Your car radio may have gone bad due to a blown fuse, damaged antenna, damaged tuner, or […]

HDMI Port in Cars: What’s it used for?

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The HDMI port allows drivers to watch videos and other stuff on their car stereo or infotainment screen when the car is stationary. However, to enjoy this, you’ll need to connect a device using a HDMI cable to the stereo. In a hurry? Here’s our top pick for connecting a phone to a car’s HDMI […]

Can You Link Speaker Wires to Aux Leads? And How?

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Yes, it is possible to link speaker wires to aux leads. Still, you need to figure out if the signals need to be amplified to play audio at higher volumes and through more prominent speakers you’ll be connecting to. At a glance, most folks might not see all that much of a difference between speaker […]

Does Charging your Phone in the Car use Gas?

Does Charging your Phone in the Car use Gas featured image

Charging phones in cars is a great way to ensure your device is up and running if you forget to charge it at home. In addition, a device helps with directions using GPS or even jamming to some music. However, almost every component in a car runs on gas. Unless it’s an electric car! So […]

How To Keep iPhone Unlocked While Driving: 2 Easy Options

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There’s nothing more annoying than repeatedly unlocking your iPhone when you’re driving. Not only is it a nuisance, but it’s also dangerous! Your hands should be on the wheel, and your attention on the road—putting in a passcode or raising your phone to your face for facial recognition while you’re driving is dangerous for you […]

Why my Car Speaker is Distorting at High Volume?

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There are multiple reasons why your car speaker might be distorting at a high volume, such as not having an amplifier, an over-powerful amplifier, faulty speakers, or wrongly set amplifier gain controls. Continue reading to find out some potential solutions for the distortion. Potential Reasons Why: No amplifier in the car stereo system Faulty speakers […]

Car Speaker Installation Cost: 2 Important Factors Explained

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Do you ever wonder why your speakers don’t blast like those in your friend’s car? It could be because they’re old and need an upgrade. Car speakers can go past their lifespan and may not produce an incredible sound. Some folks are obsessed with quality sound while driving. Perhaps, installing new speakers could be a […]

How to add wireless charging to car setup?

How to add wireless charging to car setup: Featured Image

Most modern phones support wireless charging. This means you may not need regular (corded) car chargers to get them charged.  Adding a wireless charger to your vehicle makes it much easier to charge your phones while driving.  But then, wireless car charging has been standard in some cars produced in the last five years. To […]