Car Speaker Installation Cost: 2 Important Factors Explained

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Do you ever wonder why your speakers don’t blast like those in your friend’s car? It could be because they’re old and need an upgrade.

Car speakers can go past their lifespan and may not produce an incredible sound.

Some folks are obsessed with quality sound while driving. Perhaps, installing new speakers could be a great way to enjoy that great sound.

So whether you need an upgrade or need to replace damaged speakers, there are options for you. So how much does it cost to install speakers in cars?

Car speaker installation costs could be anywhere between $400 and $1,100. Of course, the exact amount could be lower or higher depending on several factors. For example, speaker quality and type, as well as labor cost, greatly influence the price.

Tip: Big box retialers such as BestBuy ofter offer free installation when you purchase the speakers through them.

Car Speaker Installation Cost

So if you’re wondering how we arrived at an estimate of $400-$1,100, we’ll explain. First, car speakers’ installation costs will always vary. The reason is, there are tons of speakers out there. And differ from manufacturer to manufacturer.

One product may be expensive or cheaper than the other, especially when it comes to quality. Again, labor cost is another factor. Labor cost most times is determined by the time involved to carry out the installation. So here, we’ve done a breakdown of the installation cost so that you can make a budget.

Various car speakers that can be used for installation
Various car speakers that can be used for installation

Section One: Getting Parts

There are various aftermarket speakers available for different cars. However, they will differ in prices according to manufacturer or quality.

You can get low-end speakers for $50 to $200. There are also options with decent quality, around $709 to $1000. Nevertheless, work with your budget and keep in mind speaker compatibility with your car.  Buying what you can’t use will be annoying.

However, while it is wise to go with your budget, don’t be obsessed with cheap speakers. Instead, try to go for an affordable option that will give returns on your investment.

The Boss Audio CH6530 System and Kenwood KFC-1666S Car 2-Way Coaxial Speakers are some excellent options that you can check out. You can get them via Amazon or a car audio shop close to you. So what are the factors that generally affect the cost of parts needed for the installation?

Equipment Type

There are various speaker types which you would find within two categories: full-range and component speakers. They come at varying prices, and the choice depends on your preferences. While full-range speakers are more affordable and easy to install, component speakers provide better sound quality.

Used Vs. New

Depending on your budget and needs, you can decide on either new speakers or old ones. Generally, the cost of used speakers is less. But ensure you get options with little or no damages. Else you may end up spending more than the cost of a new speaker.

A great place to buy any type of used audio equipment such as car speakers is eBay.

You’ll often be able to find products even still with their original box. Additionally, eBay offers a “money-back guarantee” policy that protects you should the product not work, as the seller claims would.


The car make, model, and general compatibility of the speakers influence the cost of its parts. There are possibilities that the speakers compatible with your car stereo are rare. Rare often means expensive.

However, the thing is, whatever speaker you buy must be compatible with your stereo, such as being able to link speaker wires to aux leads.

Condition of Pre-existing Connectors

If the wires connecting the speakers to the car are already damaged, that will increase the cost of your new speaker installation, meaning they will need to be rewired.

Section Two: Labor Costs

Installing speakers may differ from car to car. Generally, some vehicles will take experts a long time to get speakers installed.

This ultimately affects the labor cost. But, again, every service company has its price for such tasks and can depend on the region.

Since car speaker installation professionals charge differently, it will be ideal to inquire about service costs in your area.

We also wrote an article about how long it takes to install a car radio which is good to reference.

Some local mechanics may charge within $70-$90 hourly. On the other hand, some professionals could charge $80-$125. If you are looking for installation professionals online, type “car speaker installation near X.

OR use a major retailer you trust. For example, one option would be BestBuy.

That being said, there are other ways you could save on the cost of installing new speakers.

Buy from companies that also installs

Ensure you purchase your speaker sets from retail companies that offer free installations.

Some of such firms run specials consisting of discounted or free installations. For example, BestBuy USA offers free installation, and Halfords in the UK also provide a similar service when you purchase from them.

Although, it’s worth noting that the products are typically more expensive when buying from them but can work out cheaper because of the lower (or free) installation costs.

Best Buy Sign

Private professionals 

Private installers would do a great job, and their professional installations would save you the cost of possible repairs.

Get certified installers; you can check some recommendations online or from family and friends. Such expert installers should also offer a labor warranty should anything go wrong.

DIY: Do it yourself

Since a few of these installations appear simple enough, you can conduct them yourself.

Nevertheless, doing it right is essential for most people.

Ensure you get the speakers from a reputable shop that sells original equipment.

Next is to follow some DIY videos online. You can use this video as a guide to install speakers in any car.

Or simply search how to install speakers in your specific model. However, you shouldn’t undertake such a task if you lack confident skills.

Final Thoughts

Beyond seeking quality car speakers for an upgrade, learning about car speaker installation costs is vital. Doing so can help you make a reasonable and feasible purchase.

We hope you’ve found this article useful and now know how much car speaker installation cost is, to ensure you only pay a fair price.

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