How to Organize Music on USB for Car Stereo System

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Before you can organize your music on a USB, you need to figure out how your car radio will read the audio files, either by file name alphabetically or the order you copied them. You can figure this out by putting a few songs on a USB and playing them in your car. Then you […]

Do I Need A Capacitor For My Car Stereo?

You only need a capacitor for your car stereo if your car has surges of power, often visible by the dimming of your car lights. The capacitor is a band-aid solution if you have frequent power surges. In this case, you should consider adding additional batteries instead or increasing the existing capacity. Car Stereo Capacitors […]

Where to sell my car stereo?

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The best place to sell your car stereo is on eBay or Facebook marketplace, as you’ll cut out the middle man at places like pawn shops and have access to a vast pool of buyers. Highest Prices: eBay or FB Marketplace A Mixed Bag: Classified Ads / Forums Most convenient: Pawn Shop, Scrap or Recycle […]

Head Unit Will Not Turn off: 6 Steps to Follow

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Your head unit might not turn off because of a faulty wiring connection or the automatic delay feature that eventually powers off the head unit. Continue reading to learn more about why your head unit might not be powered off and potential solutions to fix the problem. Your guide to finding out how to turn […]

Car Radio Turns On But No Sound

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If your car radio turns on, but no sound comes out, common parts you should check include; blown fuses, Wiring shorts, Faulting input, or Damaged speakers/wires. It could also be a simple solution, such as the source or audio output device.   Why Does My Radio Turn on but No Sound? When your radio turns on […]

Why Is My Ford F150 Radio Not Working? 5 Possible Fixes

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Nothing is better than cruising your town in your beast of a truck, vibing to your heavy-bass playlists. But if you can no longer listen to your favorite music or podcasts because the radio keeps failing, it’s time to pull over and look into the issue more closely. In this article, we’ll list potential causes […]

Can a Head Unit Power a Subwoofer?

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There are a few models of head units that can power a subwoofer, but they can’t do it to the full potential of the subwoofer. If you want your subwoofer to perform the way it should, you need an amplifier too. People often wonder if a head unit can power a subwoofer. Continue reading to […]

Alpine vs Sony Car Stereos: Which Should You Choose?

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Alpine and Sony are two famous car stereo brands. Both offer a wide range of features and options, so it can be difficult to decide which one is right for you. So, Alpine vs Sony car stereos, which should you choose? You should choose Alpine car stereo if you need the best audio quality. Alpine […]

Does Walmart Install Car Stereos? (Reviewed)

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Walmart is a one-stop shop for many items, from groceries to clothes to electronics. If you’re looking for a car stereo, the retailer offers a variety of options from different brands. But does Walmart install car stereos? Walmart installs car stereos. The retailer offers the service in partnership with InstallerNet, a professional car stereo installation […]

Alpine vs Kenwood Car Stereos: Which Should You Choose?

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Alpine and Kenwood offer a wide range of products, from entry-level to high-end, so there’s something for everyone. But when choosing between the two, things can get tricky because each brand offers unique benefits and some of their products have similar quality. So which of these two brands should you choose for your car? You […]