Is Blaupunkt a Good Brand? Car Audio Equipment — Why So Cheap?

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Blaupunkt is a well-known brand in the car audio industry, as it’s been around since the 1930s. It’s a German brand car stereo brand that found its way into some of the most luxurious German cars like Mercedes, BMW, and even Porsche back in the 80s and 90s. But how come stereos from this renowned […]

What’s the Best Settings for Kenwood Car Stereos?

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The setting for a Kenwood stereo system depends on the installed equipment and the type of music that is played. The simplest way to get the best setting for your Kenwood stereo is to select your music preset styles, such as Pop, Jazz, or Rap. This way, the stereo will automatically adjust the setting to […]

Head Unit Sizes: Single DIN & Double DIN Radio Dimensions

standard head unit sizes

There are two main sizes of car stereo head units, the first of which is single-DIN (2⅛ inches (50 mm) high and 7⅛ inches (180 mm) in width. Double DIN is the next primary size and is usually more than 4 inches tall (110mm),  and the same width. If you plan to replace your car […]

How To Fix a Ford Sync Radio With No Sound?

The best way to fix a ford sync radio with no sound is to perform a master reset to set the radio back into normal operating mode. Be aware that performing a master reset will have navigation points and personal data.   Perform A Master Reset OR  Consult Ford Approved Mechanic Ford Sync Connected but No […]

Jeep Wrangler Radio Reset (MyGIG & Uconnect)

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You can restore a Jeep Wrangler’s radio to factory settings by carrying out a hard reset involving the vehicle battery, pressing the right combination of buttons, or as a last resort, accessing its engineering menu. Read on for detailed explanations on how to reset your Jeep Wrangler radio. Introduction The Jeep Wrangler might be a […]

How to Fix a Car Radio that Got Wet?

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Wet car radios can be fixed by mopping water off the affected areas or Air-Drying. In some instances where damage is too bad, the radio may need to be totally replaced. Car radios are susceptible to harmful exposure to water either due to human errors, natural causes, or faulty equipment. And, if not handled properly, […]

Can You Use an iPad as a Head Unit? (Car Stereo)

A head unit is also called an infotainment system. It is a component that has a unified interface for your car stereo system. Many cars come with a head unit, which includes GPS, a car stereo, and other features and settings. If your car is not outfitted with one, you may wonder if you can […]

Will an Android Head Unit Work with iPhone?

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Almost all Android head units will work with an iPhone via Bluetooth connectivity, but for extra features, you’ll need to install Apple car play on the unit.  Options: Use iPhone and head unit with basic Bluetooth connectivity Connect your iPhone using built-in CarPlay (if Compatible) – Wirelessly or via a CarPlay charging cable Connect your […]

History of the First Car with a Radio: When & What was it?

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The first car with a radio was the 1930 Model A Ford. The car was manufactured by the Ford Motor Company and was equipped with a “Motorola” brand radio as an optional accessory. The radio was installed in the dashboard of the car and was powered by the car’s electrical system. The radio in the […]

4 Broken Car Radio Alternatives

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Got a broken car radio? There are many broken car radio alternatives you could try out. To start with, you could completely change the car radio system or even use a portable Bluetooth speaker designed for this purpose. Your car radio may have gone bad due to a blown fuse, damaged antenna, damaged tuner, or […]