Where to sell my car stereo?

Where to sell my car stereo

The best place to sell your car stereo is on eBay or Facebook marketplace as you’ll cut out the middle man at places like pawn shops and have access to a vast pool of buyers.

  • Highest Prices: eBay or FB Marketplace
  • A Mixed Bag: Classified Ads / Forums
  • Most convenient: Pawn Shop, Scrap or Recycle / Donate


There are various places you can sell your existing car stereo, but it depends if you think it’ll be worth your time to do so. eBay and Facebook marketplace will reach you the highest prices, but they can be time-consuming to set up, deal with buyers’ questions, and finally ship the item to them or meet in person.

The most convenient thing to do will be to take it to a pawnshop if they accept it and get a lower amount. Alternatively, you could take it to the nearest recycling centre although you’ll get no money doing it this way.

Eventually, many will be bitten by the car stereo bug. These folks will ultimately replace the stereo in their cars. After replacing the radio, many will wonder what to do with the old, stock radio that came with the car? You sell it, of course. 


Selling on eBay

eBay is the number one second-hand marketplace. Many will think of eBay when they are considering buying a used car radio. You want to attract as many as possible to your stereo. Here are a few tips to follow when considering listing your equipment for sale on eBay:


Selling on eBay can be more time-consuming as generally, you’ll need to create the listing and post the item anywhere around the country the buyer is. Depending on the value of the item, it may not be worth your time.  

eBay US & UK average Selling prices




Single DIN (Basic Stereo)

~ $10 – $60 

~ £10 – £25

Double DIN (Higher end Stereo)

~ $40 – $200

~ £20 – £100

The prices vary massively due to the quality of the stereo on the platform. For instance, damaged scratches stereos with missing wires will sell for significantly less than open box stereos.

eBay Fee Structure

You should strongly consider eBay fees and shipping when selling your stereo on the platform, as it will degrade the money you end up in your pocket. For the UK and US, they are as follows: 

eBay US (2021):

  • Listing fee: Free
  • Selling Fee: 10.2%
  • Paypal Fee: 2.9% + $0.30

eBay  UK (2021):

  • Listing fee: Free
  • Selling Fee: 10%
  • Paypal Processing fee: 2.9% + £0.3

Shipping your sold stereo

Shipping is an essential factor when selling your product on eBay. First, you’ll have to consider whether you will cover the shipping cost or make the customer pay. This will vary massively depending on the customer’s location and the weight of the stereo your sending. See if the sold listings include shipping or add it on top and base your decision on that.  

You’ll also need to consider if you’ve got packing supplies and boxes at home to send your stereo in. 

Use a shipping cost calculator and comparison:

USA – GoShippo  

UK –  Parcel2Go

shipping mail
Selling and shipping your stereo in the mail

Here are a few other tips for selling car stereos on eBay:

  • First, provide the most accurate and up-to-date description of the stereo you are listing for sale. Be sure to include all sales conditions and who will be responsible for the item’s shipping costs. Are all the cables and wires included? Is the product fully working?
  • Bidders or buyers may have a question to ask about your radio equipment. You should respond quickly to these questions.
  • You should contact the highest bidder soon after the auction closes if you’re using an action feature. This is because you will want to finalize the sale as quickly as possible.
  • You should always ship the item as soon as you receive payment confirmation for a better rating.

Selling Your Car Radio at a Pawn Shop

Not all pawnshops will buy car stereo equipment, especially if it’s old and outdated, as it probably has little resale value. They may also ask for a receipt as car stereos have a reputation of being stolen.  Many factors will be taken into consideration during the sale of stereo equipment at a pawnshop. These are as follows:

  • First, the valuation of the equipment will occur.
  • Equipment-free from scratches and with all pieces intact will yield a higher profit.

The pawnshop is likely to use information from closed auctions on sites like eBay to assess the market rate for the radio and offer a lower price than what they’ve seen online. In addition, pawn and cash converter shops sell their products on sites such as eBay, so you’ll be giving money away to a middle man such as them. 

Branded equipment is also extremely important as this will help increase the resale value. Brands that may be worth more include:


While you won’t get the most money for it at a pawn shop, if you want to make a quick sale, you should consider taking your items to your local pawnshop for fast cash if they can take it. They will have to give you a valuation of the equipment and make you an offer to take or leave. You should know that a pawnshop would rather buy than offer a loan on low-cost stereo equipment. 

If you’re interested in learning more see our dedicated article on: Do pawn shops buy stereo equipment?

Selling Car radio on Classified Ads, Newsgroups, and Forums

The classified ads in your local newspaper may be both dangerous and a bit of a hassle. You may have to meet the person you are selling to. You should always agree to meet at a public venue such as a police or fire station. If you are going to use the local newspaper for selling your items, you may want to take caution. The ad may cost you significantly less to place. Besides you can put colorful pictures of the equipment in the advertisement.

Another fantastic avenue for selling your car stereo is in newsgroups and forums. Many newsgroups and forums have threads users can use to post items they have for sale. Be sure to use the correct thread, though. You would not want to get banned for posting in the wrong thread.

Selling Car stereo on Facebook Marketplace

Facebook marketplace is a great place to locally sell your car radio as there are NO FEES when meeting the person and receiving payment in cash. However, it can be a hassle to organize and meet as well as weed out the people trying to lower the price you’ve advertised. 

Researched Listing Prices Selling Prices On FB Marketplace Of Car Stereos


UK (London)

US (New York)

Single DIN (Basic Stereo)

£20 – £50

$10 – $50

Double DIN (Higher end Stereo)

£100 – £300

$100 – $200

People often bargain 10% – 20% off the selling price on Facebook marketplace, which is why it might seem a little high

The prices vary massively due to the quality of the stereo on the platform. For instance, damaged scratched stereos with missing wires will sell for significantly less than open box stereos, basically brand new equipment.

You’ll get lots of messages on forums and marketplaces!

Sometimes when we list items for sale, we may have a problem with potential buyers. These types of people will flood your inbox with spammy questions. If you have listed your items for sale on a website, and want the buyer to pick them up, make this is clear in the advert to avoid this. 

If you are getting many messages asking you to ship the item, you can ignore those messages. You asked for local pickup only, and you do not need to be bothered with those who are only trying to waste your time by asking you to ship. You could get a better price by sending it in the mail, so bear this in mind.

Scrap Or Recycle

Lastly, if the stereo has very little resale value, you can always scrap or recycle it. Most recycling centres will take it off you for free. However, if you’re looking to get a bit of money for it, your best bet is to take it apart and separate the precious metals into different types. At best, you’re looking at >$4 or a >£2, which is probably not worth most people’s time, but if it’s very heavy, it could be worthwhile.

UK – You can find places to donate your electronics at recycleyourelectricals.org.uk/ 

USEnvironmental protection agency for places to recycle


Sell Car Audio for Cash

If you’re after cold hard cash, your options will be more limited for selling your car audio or radio equipment. 

In my experience, the only platform that almost exclusively trades in cash car audio equipment is Facebook Marketplace. This is because they are often done locally from consumer to consumer rather than through any form of business.

Some pawnshops may offer cash and on your eBay listing, you can specify “cash on collection”. However, this will limit potential buyers to a smaller area and excuse them from eBay buyer protection.  


People also Ask

Are old car radios worth anything?

Depending on how old the radio is, there could be some resale value. The best way to check is to look on eBay and see recently sold items nearest matching your car radio. The scrap value of an old car radio is typically meager, only a few dollars or pound sterling.   

How much can you sell a car radio for?

You can sell a car radio for as little as $10 (£10) to as much as $200 (£300). But, of course, it all depends on how old the radio is and if it’s a desirable stereo model. You can figure out how much it’s likely to sell by checking platforms such as eBay and Facebook marketplace. 


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