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If you still believe that cassettes were the ultimate format for listening and recording audio, you are not alone. 

Many still prefer cassettes in this day and age, but sadly, it is getting increasingly more complicated to find cassette tapes in the market. Blank cassette tapes are even more challenging to get your hands on. 

However, the good news is that we’ve narrowed down the places where you can buy blank cassette tapes from. 

In a hurry? See various blank cassette tapes on Amazon, which is the most accessible place to buy these products.

To summarize, the leading retailers that appear to be still selling blank cassette tapes are:

  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Walmart
  • Argos (UK)
  • Tapeline (UK)
  • National Audio Company


Where to Buy Blank Cassette Tapes?

Some of the top places where to buy blank cassette tapes include Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Tapeline, and the National Audio Company. 

Gone are the days when you could just walk into a store and ask for a bunch of blank cassette tapes. But thanks to online shopping, you can just about find anything. 

Here is the list of sites you can get your ideal tapes from: 


It is kind of expected that first on this list is Amazon. 

They have listings for anything under the sun, including blank tapes. 

They have a range of blank cassette tape options. Some of our top picks are seen below.

MAXELL blank cassette tapes
MAXELL blank cassette tapes


Amazon is an excellent option because of the fast and free shipping, easy return process, and often offer products very competitively priced.

Cassette Tapes for Sale: eBay

In contrast to Amazon, eBay has a lot more options to offer from various sellers. 

The prices can vary because there are many sellers on eBay, and used products can also be sold on the platform. So you will have to pick carefully. 

They have new, used, and open box versions. A lot of them are available to you brand new. 

There are many listings for TDK, Maxell, Fuji, Panasonic, and Sony. The surprising part is that there are various Type II options available as well, along with Type I. Even Type IV Fuji is also available there. 


NOTE: With eBay, make sure to try and buy “new” blank cassette tapes. When searching, you can select a filter to remove used products. Some sellers also refer to the products as empty cassette tapes.

Here’s an example of some current listings on eBay for “blank cassette tapes”.

blank cassette tapes for sale on ebay
blank cassette tapes for sale on eBay

Another tip for buying on eBay is to read the listing description carefully, as there can often be further details such as the product’s condition or return details that you’ll want to be aware of before purchasing.


One of the few places that you still find tapes physically has to be Walmart. They have an online inventory as well.  

Walmart has Maxell, TDK tapes in both types I and types II options. They also offer cheaper, unbranded versions of blank cassette tapes, which can be helpful if you are on a budget. 

Argos (UK Only)

Argos is one of the few UK high street retailers that still stock blank cassette tapes. However, we would still recommend doing a “Click and Collect” through Argos as not all branches are linking to have the product in stock 24/7.

Bush Cassettes Argos
Bush Cassettes Argos


Other Online Websites to Find Cassette Tapes for Sale

The decline in cassette tapes saddened many. However, some of them went ahead and preserved (or continued making) what was close to them. 

Two of those companies include: 


This is a UK-based that was actually formed as a tape service. They do deliver to the US. 

Over the years, they never lost the essence of their company. And so, they still sell a bunch of vintage items, including our beloved blank cassette tapes. 

They sell their own manufactured products. Therefore, you won’t find any known brands on there.

What you will find is a variety of colors and types to choose from. 

National Audio Company

NAC is USA based company that was also formed as a tape distribution company. They sold some of the first cassettes in the US. 

The company manufactures their Type I tape, so their cassettes use those. In addition, they sell tabs in and tabs out versions of blank cassette tapes. 

Again, there are several colors to choose from, particularly in the tabs out category. 

Facebook Marketplace

Many things (old stuff) are found on Facebook marketplace, so you might be wondering if you can buy black cassette tapes there?

From our research, there are several sellers are present, but the quality and prices vary massively, and it is probably easier to buy through one of the other options we’ve listed.

Unless you are a bargain hunter and are willing to take the risk, there could be some deals to be found.

To access Facebook marketplaces, visit: Facebook.com/marketplace/

You will need a FB account.

What are Blank Cassette Tapes?

So, how do blank cassette tapes differ from regular ones? 

As their name implies, they are empty. That means you can record whatever you want on those tapes. 

You can record professional-level songs on these or just sit at home recording a few different songs.

From mixtapes to songs of your favorite artist, there can be many ways you can personalize a blank tape. 

If you are looking for blank cassette tapes, chances are you already know which ones you want. You just want to see where you can get them. 

Let’s get into it. 

blank cassette tape
blank cassette tape


Cassette tape FAQ

Do they still make blank cassette tapes?

Cassette tapes are still in production, though at a much smaller scale than they once were before the new forms of audio file storage such as the CD and USB. A specific place where manufacturers still sell cassette tapes is Ali baba.

So yes, you can still buy blank cassette tapes.

Are tape cassettes making a comeback?

Tape cassettes are still in use but not making a huge comeback. The main reason for this is the tapes’ lower audio quality and less mainstream adoption for the format. In addition, you need to have a particular player to read cassette tapes, and unlike vinyl, there’s not as much adoption of this.


This concludes the list of the many different places (mostly online) where you can find blank cassette tapes. 

Hopefully, by the end, you have a clearer view of where you can look to find the cassettes you desire to allow you to play tapes at your heart’s content, perhaps on a car cassette player

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