Webex CarPlay: A Guide To Using Webex in Your Vehicle

There’s no doubt that hybrid work is here to stay.

Thankfully, the technologies we use in the office are keeping pace with this significant shift in the working world.

Webex, for example, just rolled out their “Move to Mobile” feature, which allows for taking your meetings on the go. 

Webex is easy to use with your CarPlay device. Simply transfer the meeting from your computer to your phone by scanning a QR code. Next, plug your iPhone into your car, and the meeting will automatically transfer to your CarPlay. 

Reclaiming personal time just got easier with the Webex CarPlay integration.

There are a lot of creative ways you can use CarPlay with Webex to your advantage, from seeing future meetings to listening to past meeting recordings.

Keep reading to discover how to use Webex in your vehicle!

How To Integrate Webex CarPlay Into Your Daily Routine

webex app logo on carplay lock screen

Let’s say you’re working from home and engaged in an important meeting with your colleagues, but you realize it’s time to pick up your kids from school, and you need to leave. Like right now!

Webex’s recent update allows you to integrate a hybrid work style.

If you need to take a meeting on the go, scan the QR code on your Mac or PC with your iPhone to transfer the meeting to your phone seamlessly. 

What’s more, the update works wonderfully with Apple CarPlay. Once you’ve transferred the meeting to your iPhone, use a USB or Bluetooth/Wifi to use Webex through CarPlay. 

This option comes with some cool features. Not only can you join a meeting through CarPlay, but you can see all of your scheduled meetings on your screen. 

This feature is handy for staying in the loop on business trips that involve a lot of driving, reviewing your schedule on the way to work, or when running a few errands during the workday.

Setting up Webex with your CarPlay is fairly straightforward and only take a few minutes: 

  1. While in your meeting on your computer, navigate to the toolbar at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Select “Move to Mobile” to transfer the session to your phone.
  3. A QR code will appear on your screen. Scan the code using your iPhone camera.
  4. A notification from Webex will appear, allowing you to join the meeting on your phone.
  5. Connect to CarPlay when you plug your iPhone into your car.
  6. Select the Webex app on your CarPlay screen and continue your discussion on the go.

Webex Offers A Seamless Virtual Meeting Experience

webex carplay home screen

The biggest advantage of using Webex with CarPlay is not sacrificing personal time to attend yet another virtual meeting. If you can sit at home and dial into a meeting, why not join one in your car too?

Instead of staying late to make the meeting and dealing with rush hour traffic, you can dial in on your drive home and sign off right when you pull into your driveway. 

Once in your car, you can use the Webex app to see meeting participants, the time elapsed, and the topic of the meeting. 

No Wire? No Problem! Use Webex With a Wireless Adapter


Audi Wireless Carplay & Android Auto

The caveat with Webex’s CarPlay app is that you can only use the app if you can connect your phone to your car via wire. However, you can purchase a wireless CarPlay adapter to work around this issue. 

A wireless CarPlay adapter utilizes a wifi hotspot from your phone to emulate CarPlay’s functionalities on your car. With this device, you can take full advantage of the perks CarPlay offers and use apps like Webex to optimize your work life. 

If you don’t want to spend money on a wireless adapter, Webex applications work with AirPlay. Your Webex app will work as long as you can connect to Bluetooth and utilize Airplay on your phone. 

Benefits of Using Webex’s Move to Mobile via CarPlay 

Webex has made integrating work and life a snap. The Webex CarPlay app offers several benefits to professionals trying to get more out of work and life:

  • Take your meetings everywhere, from your phone to your car
  • Seamlessly transition on any Apple device to your car
  • Easily listen to past meeting recordings via CarPlay
  • View upcoming meetings on CarPlay 
  • Use CarPlay’s safe functionality

Final Thoughts

Considering the prevalence of hybrid work, it’s important to understand how to integrate different remote work apps into your everyday life to maximize your time and get the most out of remote work.

Webex is one important app that makes hybrid work much easier, and it includes a lot of benefits. If your company uses Zoom, you can also you that with CarPlay. Unfortunately, Slack doesn’t work though.

Not only can you efficiently multitask, but you can also plan ahead by viewing upcoming meetings on your dash.

These benefits are simple to unlock and access.

All you need to do is scan a QR code and plug your phone into your car to transfer your meetings to CarPlay.

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