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Waze is an incredibly powerful app that is available on iPhone and as a CarPlay app for navigation.

It first rose to popularity because of its built-in community feature that allowed users to share the wearables of hazards, speed traps, and more, which alerted other local drivers with the app.

However, the Waze CarPlay settings can be a little confusing, so this article will discuss all the major options at settings available on the native CarPlay version of the app.

Main Waze Carplay Setting

Unlike Google Maps CarPlay settings, Waze has far fewer options and is more minimal in the CarPlay app.

People are often confused about fewer settings vs. the mobile app, which is true but probably for a good reason.

To keep you focused on the road!

In the screenshot below is the main navigation where most of the options are accessible from.

While not in navigation mode, a few different settings are also available.

Waze CarPlay Settings Main navigation view with options bar
Waze CarPlay Settings Main navigation view with options bar

So the core settings we’ll be discussing are:

  • Reporting
  • Route selection
  • Sound Settings
  • Change, Add & search Destinations
  • Map Arrows
  • Favorites

Other settings available in the Apple IOS App at the time of writing are too long to list, but we plan to write an article about all these Waze settings.


Waze was the pioneer of the report feature, which is also available in Apple maps CarPlay settings. This setting allows you to report things that are visible to you while driving. In turn, this will alert other Wazers around you of the issue.

You can make the hazard selection menu popup on CarPlay by clicking the orange icon in the bottom left.

You can see the various options in the image below. This includes:

  • Police
  • Accidents
  • Traffic
  • Hazards
  • Map issues (Something wrong with the digital map)
Waze CarPlay Settings Report
Waze CarPlay Settings Report

Route selection

The select route option is pretty self-explanatory, but it opens the map in a complete birds-eye view and allows you to select other routes.

Unless you change the settings on the App (such as avoiding motorways), it will always route you on the fastest road.

For the most part, unless you know the roads and routes very well, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to outsmart the route selection tool.

However, I have found it helpful if you prefer one road over another to switch quickly.

Waze CarPlay Settings Route Select
Waze CarPlay Settings Route Select


Sound Settings

The sound setting in the top left-hand corner allows you to mute and adjust the sound volume to your convenience.

Personally, I can find it annoying when Waze keeps telling you when to turn for city driving, where you often make frequent turns, and it lowers the music.

Change, Add & Search Destinations

While driving, the search icon allows you to change your direction or add a stop, such as a nearby gas station or restaurant, without removing your final destination in the process.

Map Arrows

The map arrows near the bottom left of the screen allow you to move around and change your zoom. This can be useful for seeing what roads are around you, for instance, when you’re stuck in traffic.


The favorite setting is available via the star icon and allows you to set destinations that you frequently use to save time from typing them in.

At present, you cant add them in Carplay. Instead, you’ll have to change them in the iPhone app, allowing them to show up in CarPlay.

This is great for adding your:

  • Home
  • School
  • Work


In case you were interested, there is no difference between wireless CarPlay and the wired version of the Waze carplay app.

However, there can be technical difficulty differences with the wireless carplay audio quality, which we detail in the article.

Waze CarPlay Dashboard

Waze CarPlay dashboard changes the ability of only being able to have one app open at once.

Thanks to the dashboard, you can have Waze in the carplay dashboard, along with music or your calendar events.

It then shows all the necessary features in a small part of the screen alongside other dashboard elements.

Setting this up is very straightforward. It follows:

  1. Start by launching the Waze CarPlay app
  2. Select your desired destination
  3. Leave the App by tapping the bottom far right-hand corner
  4. Then tap the bottom right-hand corner again, which will bring you to the dashboard
  5. Enjoy

You can see a video tutorial below:

Waze settings

In case you couldn’t find the exact setting you were after, it might be in the iPhone app.

Here’s a complete list of the various settings available. There’s a lot!

  • General:
    • Language
    • Distance Units
    • Trip suggestions
    • Prevent auto-lock
    • Ads personalization
    • Allow app suggestions
  • Map Display:
    • Colour Scheme
    • Map View
    • Keep map north
    • Auto  Zoom
    • Map Type
    • Car Icon
    • View on map:
      • Reports (Remove some)
      • Show other Wazers
      • Speedometer
      • Quick Access
      • Google Assitant
  • Voice & Sound:
    • Waze Voice Type
    • Sounds
    • Google Assistant
    • Siri Shortcuts
    • Dictation language
    • Guidance volume
    • Mute Waze During calls
    • Pause spoken audio
    • Show audio on map
  • Navigation:
    • Avoid toll roads
    • Toll passes & Exemptions
    • Avoid ferries
    • Avoid motorways
    • Allow unpaved roads
    • Avoid difficult junctions
    • Vehicle type
  • Vehicle Details:
    • Vehicle type
    • Preferred fuel type
    • Toll passes & exemptions
  • Toll passes & exemptions
  • Alerts & reports:
    • Reports
    • Area
    • Speedometer alerts
  • Petrol Stations:
    • Preferred fuel type
    • Preferred brand
    • Sort stations by
    • ask to update prices
  • Speedometer:
    • Show speed limit
    • Speeding threshold
    • Alert when speeding
  • Audio Player:
    • Show next song
  • Notifications 
  • Planned drives:
    • Timing
    • Connect calendar
    • Your calendars
    • connect Facebook
    • Remove saved addresses
  • Reminders:
    • Child reminders



The settings on the Waze carplay app are small, but now you have the ability to make the desired changes you need.

We hope you found this helpful article.

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