Uber CarPlay: Is It Compatible for Drivers?

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Apple CarPlay is a popular app among iPhone users because it allows them to connect their phone interface wirelessly or via USB with their vehicle’s infotainment system safely. 

CarPlay is standard equipment in almost all new cars available for purchase in the US, regardless of their make or price.

So, can an Uber driver use CarPlay with the Uber app?

Uber drivers can’t use CarPlay with the Uber app because the two aren’t compatible. That said, CarPlay works with navigation apps like Google Maps. Thus, you can use your CarPlay screen for the navigation feature.

In this article, you’ll learn all about Uber CarPlay, what it does, and how you can use it in your Uber.

What Is CarPlay and What Does It Do?

CarPlay is a system that enables you to use your favorite phone features safely while you drive. It does this by integrating with your vehicle’s touch screen and audio controls and responding to voice commands

As such, you can send and listen to text messages, control your music, make calls, use voice commands and get turn-by-turn directions without using your phone.

Apple CarPlay is compatible with several apps. These include: 


There are serval particular Apps that can be useful for Uber drivers, such as:


  • Carplay Navigation Apps:


Setting Up CarPlay

To set up CarPlay, you can use a wireless connection or a wired one.

The method used would depend on your car since some come set up for wireless CarPlay. If you’re unsure, check your vehicle’s manual. 

Once it’s set up wirelessly, CarPlay gets connected to your iPhone and starts up automatically whenever you plug your phone into the car. 

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Why You Might Want To Have CarPlay in Your Uber

You might want to have CarPlay in your Uber for several reasons.

For starters, you get to stream music or audio from your phone and listen in as you drive. 

This makes your ride much more enjoyable.

Also, while CarPlay doesn’t currently work with Uber Driver because the Uber app isn’t supported, you can still use CarPlay for navigation

CarPlay works with several navigation apps, including Google Maps, Apple’s Maps, Waze, TomTom, and Navitime.

When your navigation app, such as Google Maps, launches, it shows you the route map on the CarPlay screen while your phone displays the turn-by-turn directions. 

You also get navigation hints on your instrument panel. 

This is particularly helpful when you find yourself in an unfamiliar location because you can see the upcoming turns. 

Also, you’ll still receive pings while on your ride the same way you would while using your phone only.

Additional reasons for Installing Uber CarPlay

There are serval other options to opt for Uber CarPlay. These include:

1. CarPlay Makes Driving Safer

Another reason you might want to have CarPlay in your car is that it makes it safer for you and your passengers. 

It’s very tempting to reach out for your phone to check a message or answer a call – even when you are driving. 

Unfortunately, this is highly unsafe, and a major cause of auto accidents, with 1 out of every 4 car accidents in the United States being caused by texting and driving. 

taxi crash

Luckily, CarPlay’s Siri can read out your messages to you, allowing your hands to remain where they should be; on the steering wheel.

So you don’t end up like that ☝️


2. You Have Access to a Bigger Screen

Integrating CarPlay with your vehicle’s touchscreen means you’d be able to switch off your phone screen and drive while relying on your dashboard. 

This helps conserve your phone’s battery charge as the app consumes a lot of power. 

Besides, trying to view your phone’s smaller screen while driving is inconvenient and somewhat distracting.


Tips on How To Make CarPlay Work With the Uber Driver App

Configuring CarPlay to work seamlessly with Uber Driver is challenging. It entails modifying your Uber app to support CarPlay, thus enabling it to be compatible with CarPlay. 

Otherwise, it won’t show up on your vehicle’s CarPlay screen.

The second challenge involves going back and forth between the two apps, which can be pretty distracting. 

Fortunately, there are ways to get around some of the challenges involved. 

Configuring the two apps allows you to connect to CarPlay while driving, stream your music, or use your navigation app rather than managing the navigation entirely on your phone. 

Below are some useful tips on how to integrate uber driver CarPlay correctly:

  • To receive pings on your phone while on a trip, turn off all audio alerts from your navigation app. While you can still stream audio, the downside is you might fail to receive some of the incoming pings by missing alerts on your phone screen. Also, you might click on an alert only to find it expired by the time you switch your phone back to Uber. 


  • Try switching to Uber Maps as you get closer to a drop-off. This gives you a better chance of catching pings for incoming trips.


To navigate your Uber with CarPlay, take the following steps:

  1. Download Google Maps App.
  2. Go to Uber’s Settings menu. 
  3. Change Navigations settings to Google Maps.
  4. Connect to CarPlay.


Google Maps CarPlay Settings Map view
Google Maps CarPlay Settings Map view

You can now use CarPlay and have the navigation displayed on your screen.

Note: You’ll need to use your Uber app when starting and stopping your vehicle. 

Final Thoughts on Uber CarPlay

For any app to work with CarPlay, it needs to be configured and approved for CarPlay. 

Unfortunately, the Uber app isn’t, hence the challenge when drivers try to use Uber CarPlay together. 

Nevertheless, there are instances when you can use CarPlay in your Uber, such as navigation.

Apple keeps updating its list of compatible apps, and hopefully, Uber Driver will form part of the list soon.

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