Telegram CarPlay App: Is it Compatible & What you Need to Know!

As an avid fan of the Telegram app, knowing that this application is compatible with a wide variety of devices from Android, iOS, Windows, Mac to Linux platforms is something to smile about.

But is this popular messaging app compatible with CarPlay?

Let’s find out.

The Telegram messaging app is compatible with Apple CarPlay and appears on your vehicle’s head unit via CarPlay. Linked with Siri, this app makes it easy to read or send messages to your friends without taking your hands off the wheel.

In this article, I will discuss in detail various questions related to this topic, including whether Telegram is compatible with CarPlay, and how you can use this app while driving.

Read on for more.

Does Telegram Work With CarPlay?

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Telegram is compatible with Apple CarPlay, which means you can conveniently read your messages from your vehicle’s touchscreen while on the go. You can use Siri to have your messages read out loud to you as you drive. 

Telegram is compatible with a wide variety of interphases. It can also be easily integrated into your car, thanks to applications such as Android AutoSupport and Apple CarPlay.

There were significant concerns about Telegram compatibility with CarPlay following an iOS update in December 2020. According to articles published on Autoevolution and  in the same year, an update to version 7.3 resulted in fears that Telegram had dropped CarPlay support. 

These fears were fueled in part due to the fact that Telegram support on CarPlay was limited to just the notification displays on the head unit and being able to hear these messages via Siri. 

Similar concerns were posted on popular online platforms such as Reddit, with users observing that the update resulted in Telegram disappearing from the list of CarPlay apps altogether. 

Update to Version 7.3 Telegram CarPlay Bug Explained

One of the pieces of good news from the Version 7.3 update dilemma is that it was a bug that was fixed with the next update. If you search the list of available apps on CarPlay, you should see Telegram as one of the available apps, as long as your app has the latest updates.

Newer news articles since the version 7.3 update confirm the above. As further discussed by the keen tech enthusiasts, Telegram developers acknowledged that this was a bug and worked towards fixing it.

In any case, follow the following steps if you are experiencing any bugs associated with Telegram and Carplay.

  1. Ensure that your app & Carplay is updated to the latest update.
  2. Install and reinstall the app on your iPhone and check whether the Telegram app now shows on CarPlay.
  3. Open the CarPlay menu and activate the Telegram app from the iOS settings.


Can Siri Read Telegram Messages?

Telegram supports voice announcements via Siri. This means that Siri will read your message’s text to you. Siri also allows you to speak back and reply to the messages, enabling hassle-free, hands-free use.

Telegram features Announce Messages with Siri support, which means that Siri can read your messages to you as they come in and turn your voice replies into text when responding to your messages. 

This same feature also works on CarPlay. As explained on the Apple Support page, Siri will automatically read your incoming messages transmitted via CarPlay, making it simple and convenient to listen to your messages.

It will also listen to your response and reply to the said messages. 

 To make sure that Siri is automatically enabled to read incoming messages, follow these easy steps: 

  1. Navigate to Settings on your iPhone and type Siri in the search bar.
  2. Navigate to, and turn on Announce Notifications. 
  3. Tap on CarPlay on your vehicle’s head unit, and select any of the following options:


  • Announce New Messages. Under this option, Announce Messages is active on CarPlay when you begin your drive, and Siri will read all incoming text messages aloud.
  • Silence New Messages. Under this option, Announce Messages is silenced on CarPlay when you begin your drive, and none of the new incoming messages will be read aloud automatically.
  • Remember Previous Settings. Under this setting, CarPlay will use previous settings for the last drive to determine whether to Announce the Messages aloud or to silence them.


It is also worth noting that you can either enable or disable the Announce Messages feature directly from CarPlay. You can do this by tapping on Announce when you get a text notification for an incoming text. 

See our article for the full list of CarPlay Siri voice commands.


In closing, Telegram does work on CarPlay. Despite the update bug in late 2020 to version 7.3, which saw Telegram disappear from CarPlay, you can conveniently listen to and reply to text messages without taking your eye on the road. A CarPlay safety feature

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