What Is The 12V Accessory Wire On A Car Stereo?

The car stereo is part of what makes driving fun, as it keeps you entertained and informed as you drive. This system comprises different parts connected by different wires. If these wires are not connected properly, the car stereo won’t work.   This is why one should recognize each wire in this system, so you know […]

Ford Stereo Wiring Color Code & Harness Colors

Ford Stereo Wiring Color Codes - featured image

When installing a new stereo or fixing an electrical issue with your stereo, you’ll need to know the correct colors to avoid any problems. Fear not, though; in this article, we’ll outline all the Ford stereo wiring color codes so you can crack on your project. In summary, see the core color codes in the […]

Wireless CarPlay vs Wired: The Differences & What To Pick?

CarPlay can connect to your vehicle’s media system in two ways: via Apple’s Lightning cable or wirelessly using Bluetooth or WiFi. While both methods effectively perform the same function, there are some essential differences between the two. So which should you pick? Wireless CarPlay provides the most convenient and seamless CarPlay experience. However, a wired […]