MagSafe & CarPlay: Will It Work?

magsafe carplay - featured image

MagSafe has been promoted as the new generation Apple charger and is a great way to charge wirelessly. If you have a stand that allows you to charge with MagSafe while driving, it would be a bonus to be able to connect to CarPlay as well. However, can MagSafe connect to CarPlay, and can you […]

How To Use Apple CarPlay Without Charging Phone (Best Method)

how to use apple carplay without charging phone - featured image

Having to plug in your phone each time you want to use Apple CarPlay restricts you from freely using your phone while connected to the infotainment system.  So how can you use CarPlay without charging your phone? The best method to use Apple CarPlay without charging your phone is to connect wirelessly. Beginning iOS 9, […]

How to add wireless charging to car setup?

How to add wireless charging to car setup: Featured Image

Most modern phones support wireless charging. This means you may not need regular (corded) car chargers to get them charged.  Adding a wireless charger to your vehicle makes it much easier to charge your phones while driving.  But then, wireless car charging has been standard in some cars produced in the last five years. To […]