Coral Vision CarPlay Review: Should I Buy It?

Coral Vision CarPlay Review - featured image

CarPlay has transformed how many people use their vehicle’s infotainment systems. It allows you to connect directly to your iPhone, access navigation, and even make calls. But if you don’t have a built-in CarPlay system, you’ll need an alternative solution, and Coral Vision CarPlay is a viable option as a portable CarPlay display.  Coral Vision […]

Wireless Carplay Audio Quality – Is the sound quality great?

Wireless Carplay Audio Quality Featured Image

Carplay technology allows drivers to access their phone’s content on their car stereo using a cord. However, with the recent upgrade, drivers can now access their phone’s audio and other content on their stereo without a wire connection.  Here, you connect your phone to your stereo via Bluetooth or a combination of Bluetooth and Wifi. […]

CarlinKit Review 3.0 & 4.0: Is it a Good Option?

Having to connect your phone with a USB cable whenever you use CarPlay can be irritating when driving. The wires can go all over the place and may interfere with your driving. Fortunately, you can use the CarlinKit to enable wireless CarPlay for cars that don’t already have this feature.  The CarlinKit 3.0 is ideal […]

Best Wireless CarPlay Adapters

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Wireless Carplay is an excellent addition to the standard CarPlay experience allowing you to ditch the wires.  However, if your vehicle isn’t already wireless compatible, you will need to purchase one of the adapters in this article.  Note: This guide is only for vehicles with wired CarPlay already installed. If your car has an aftermarket head […]

Wireless CarPlay vs Wired: The Differences & What To Pick?

CarPlay can connect to your vehicle’s media system in two ways: via Apple’s Lightning cable or wirelessly using Bluetooth or WiFi. While both methods effectively perform the same function, there are some essential differences between the two. So which should you pick? Wireless CarPlay provides the most convenient and seamless CarPlay experience. However, a wired […]

Ottocast vs CarlinKit: Which Is Best for You?

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Wireless CarPlay adapters are a great way to give your car a smart touch. They give you hands-free control over your iPhone’s functions while you’re driving. The best part is that you can do this without attaching your phone to any cables. Currently, two dongles on the market are grabbing all of the attention. Continue […]

CPLAY2air Review: An Honest Review

CPLAY2air Review - featured image

I had long been frustrated with the inability to just get in the car and drive while CarPlay connects itself.  Instead of having to plug in the iPhone and wait for it to boot up. The introduction of CarPlay changed everything, and thanks to the CPLAY2air, I can now control my phone via my car’s […]

A Guide To Buying and Using an External CarPlay Unit

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CarPlay brings the Apple experience to your car, so you can make and receive calls, play music, navigate, and much more, all while driving. Unfortunately, CarPlay is unavailable in all vehicles and is limited to some countries, but you can connect an external Apple CarPlay unit if your car’s stereo system lacks stock support for […]

Ottocast Wireless CarPlay Adapter Review – Expert Opinion

Even though wireless CarPlay is becoming the norm in many new cars, older vehicles still have to go through the trouble of connecting CarPlay through cables. Fortunately, wireless CarPlay adapters can help solve this problem by allowing you to connect to CarPlay wirelessly. The Ottocast wireless CarPlay adapter is ideal for enabling wireless CarPlay.  The […]

How To Turn On CarPlay: 3 Easy Steps (for All iPhones)

How To Turn On CarPlay - featured image

CarPlay is a smart feature that enables you to safely use your iPhone while driving. With it, you can get directions, send and receive audio messages, make calls and play music. But to enjoy all these benefits, you need to know how to turn CarPlay on! You can turn on CarPlay by connecting your iPhone […]