How to Fix a Car Radio that Got Wet?

how to fix a car radio that got wet Featured image

Wet car radios can be fixed by mopping water off the affected areas or Air-Drying. In some instances where damage is too bad, the radio may need to be totally replaced. Car radios are susceptible to harmful exposure to water either due to human errors, natural causes, or faulty equipment. And, if not handled properly, […]

“Only One Accessory Can Be Used at a Time” in CarPlay [Resolved]

only one accessory can be used at a time Error - CarPlay

With rapid product development cycles, software bugs are a constant headache for tech companies today. Despite Apple’s stellar reputation, their products are not immune to such challenges. Most recently, users reported getting pop-ups telling them “only one accessory can be used at a time” when trying to connect to Apple CarPlay. To resolve the “only […]

Head Unit Will Not Turn off: 6 Steps to Follow

Head Unit Will Not Turn off - featured image

Your head unit might not turn off because of a faulty wiring connection or the automatic delay feature that eventually powers off the head unit. Continue reading to learn more about why your head unit might not be powered off and potential solutions to fix the problem. Your guide to finding out how to turn […]

Apple CarPlay Music Not Working: What Should I Do?

Apple CarPlay Music Not Working

Gone are the days of fumbling for CDs or cassettes when playing music in the car. You now have access to your entire playlist wherever you go, thanks to technology like Apple CarPlay. But as convenient as having your favorite songs at your fingertips, it can be equally annoying when your music won’t play.  Problems […]

How to fix Apple CarPlay Black Screen? (Latest IOS)

How to fix Apple CarPlay Black Screen featured image

Apple CarPlay’s black screen is probably going to happen to you at some point. So if you’re currently at your wit’s end with your Apple CarPlay, it may be comforting to know you’re not alone.  The problem is common and has been reported by many car owners across several forums.  Apple CarPlay’s black screen can […]

How To Remove Messages From CarPlay & Stop for the Future!

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Apple CarPlay offers seamless connectivity between multiple devices when you’re on the road. This same seamlessness can occasionally be annoying. Perhaps you’d prefer it if passengers did not get to see your phone’s notifications or if they’re distracting you while driving. You can remove messages from CarPlay and stop them from appearing in the future […]

How To Fix the Apple CarPlay Connection Failed Error

Apple CarPlay Connection Failed Error - featured image

Apple CarPlay eliminates many of the distractions that plague most drivers. You can access GPS and Siri, make phone calls, and receive messages without taking your hands off the wheel or your eyes off the road. Sometimes, however, users may experience connectivity issues with CarPlay, which temporarily renders the program unusable — but fortunately, the […]

Ford Stereo Wiring Color Code & Harness Colors

Ford Stereo Wiring Color Codes - featured image

When installing a new stereo or fixing an electrical issue with your stereo, you’ll need to know the correct colors to avoid any problems. Fear not, though; in this article, we’ll outline all the Ford stereo wiring color codes so you can crack on your project. In summary, see the core color codes in the […]

CarPlay FaceTime: What You Need To Know!

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FaceTime is a favorable app that has been around for more than a decade.  This application lets you connect and chat with friends, family, and coworkers through video calls.  However, many people don’t realize that you can also use FaceTime with CarPlay. CarPlay FaceTime allows you to connect your phone to your car with Bluetooth […]

Fixing Apple CarPlay Lag & Audio Delay

Fixing Apple CarPlay Lag & Audio Delay: Featured Image

Apple CarPlay is an exciting mobile phone integration program for cars. However, you may experience glitches with the system over time. Apple CarPlay lag and audio delay are common challenges you may face. Apple CarPlay being glitchy and disconnecting can be highly frustrating. For example, imagine trying to see a video from YouTube, and the […]