How To Use Carplay Without Siri? Will It Work?

Automotive technology is rapidly evolving, and the in-car experience has become more diverse. Car enthusiasts know that having a sound infotainment system is crucial. With Siri and CarPlay, there are more options to get what you need while driving. You can use Apple CarPlay without Siri, but its functions will be limited. Access to some […]

Top 30 Apple CarPlay Siri Commands

carplay siri commands - featured image

Technology has reached heights we simply could not imagine when we were kids. Now we can use our phones to send messages, and emails, play games, listen to music, and more. With Apple CarPlay, we can do it all from our car’s display screen, including these top Apple CarPlay Siri commands.  Here are the top […]

How To Enable Siri for CarPlay: 3 Simple Options

How To Enable Siri for CarPlay - featured image

You can use Siri to help you control Apple CarPlay while you drive. With it activated in your car, you can make different commands with your voice, allowing you to focus on driving—a big safety feature of CarPlay. Once CarPlay is all set up, you should either hold down the Home button on the CarPlay […]

How To Turn Off Apple Maps Voice (Mute Siri)

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The Apple Maps voice navigation function is handy for safe driving and general accessibility. However, sometimes it’s more of a distraction, and you may want to turn it off or lower the volume. Here are some easy steps for how to turn off Apple Maps voice: Ensure your vehicle is stationary. Open your iPhone and […]