How To Update Apple CarPlay? It’s Easier Than You Think!

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Since its introduction in 2014, Apple CarPlay has become a standard feature in over 600 car models across 70 different brands. From Ford to Ferrari, car companies have prioritized making their infotainment systems compatible with Apple devices. Apple CarPlay is updated through iOS updates on your Apple phone or device. On the other hand, updating […]

What are the Best Car Stereo Sound Settings?

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A balanced car stereo sound setting is best. You should select a preset depending on your music preference and adjust to your needs from there. The critical setting we’ll is talking about: Sound positioning balance Audio equalizer settings (Bass & Treble)   Car stereo sound settings can mean the difference between BLAH and AMAZING!   […]

What’s the Best Settings for Kenwood Car Stereos?

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The setting for a Kenwood stereo system depends on the installed equipment and the type of music that is played. The simplest way to get the best setting for your Kenwood stereo is to select your music preset styles, such as Pop, Jazz, or Rap. This way, the stereo will automatically adjust the setting to […]

How To Remove Messages From CarPlay & Stop for the Future!

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Apple CarPlay offers seamless connectivity between multiple devices when you’re on the road. This same seamlessness can occasionally be annoying. Perhaps you’d prefer it if passengers did not get to see your phone’s notifications or if they’re distracting you while driving. You can remove messages from CarPlay and stop them from appearing in the future […]

How To Keep iPhone Unlocked While Driving: 2 Easy Options

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There’s nothing more annoying than repeatedly unlocking your iPhone when you’re driving. Not only is it a nuisance, but it’s also dangerous! Your hands should be on the wheel, and your attention on the road—putting in a passcode or raising your phone to your face for facial recognition while you’re driving is dangerous for you […]

CarPlay Not in Settings: What Should I do?

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Installing Apple CarPlay is one of the smartest and safest ways to use your iPhone in your car. While on the road, the Apple CarPlay app allows you to do virtually everything you can do with your phone handy. However, CarPlay not showing up in Settings appears to be one of the common challenges that […]

Waze CarPlay Settings

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Waze is an incredibly powerful app that is available on iPhone and as a CarPlay app for navigation. It first rose to popularity because of its built-in community feature that allowed users to share the wearables of hazards, speed traps, and more, which alerted other local drivers with the app. However, the Waze CarPlay settings […]

Apple Maps CarPlay Settings

Apple Maps CarPlay Settings

Navigating from place to place used to be a bit of a nightmare, but introducing the latest navigation apps such as Apple map and Google Maps is a lot easier. With this being said, you may want to customize your navigational experience within Apple maps CarPlay or wireless CarPlay settings. So in this article, we’ll […]

Google Maps Carplay Settings – 6 Powerful Features

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Google maps for Apple Carplay is an extremely powerful tool allowing for quick navigation to your favorite destinations and accurate traffic reporting on the way. These two simple features are the main reason why Google Maps is my favorite CarPlay navigation app. But, with that being said, there are Google maps CarPlay settings that you’ve […]

Waze Settings: A Complete Guide

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In this article, we’ll be discussing all the various Waze settings and what options are available while using the app. This is dedicated to the standalone app, but we have an article around Waze CarPlay settings that discusses the specific setting for the CarPlay app. In the video, we discuss all of the settings to […]