How To Watch Apple CarPlay YouTube? Is it Possible? (No Jailbreak) 

Apple CarPlay is being used for everything nowadays. Everything, but playing YouTube, that is. While CarPlay offers a variety of options for music, maps, calls, and calendars, many people are still wondering if you can use it to play YouTube videos.  You can’t watch YouTube directly with CarPlay since Apple doesn’t support this for safety […]

Google Hangouts CarPlay: How To Download & Use

If you’re someone that uses Google Hangouts frequently for chats and video calls, you may be wondering whether it can connect to CarPlay. After all, it would be really convenient to schedule your chats and meetings while driving! So, how do you set up and use Google Hangouts on CarPlay?  Before we start, you cannot […]

Huawei CarPlay: Is It Compatible or Potential Alternatives?

Huawei CarPlay - featured image

Huawei is the second largest producer of smartphones. So, you would expect that it would be compatible with CarPlay.  Huawei phones are NOT compatible with CarPlay. This is because CarPlay is specifically designed for Apple devices, and Huawei phones are Android devices. However, there are alternatives for CarPlay – namely Android Auto.  Today we’ll look […]