Does the Music Stop in a Car Crash? Does Audio Keep Playing?

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The car battery powers the car’s electrical systems, including the radio, headlamps, heating systems, and virtually anything that needs electrical power. A crash may damage the car’s electrical wiring, disrupting the regular operation of these systems. But does the music stop in a car crash? Your car music may or may not stop in a […]

Apple CarPlay Skipping Audio & Music (Resolved)

Upgrading to Apple CarPlay is one of the easiest and best things you can do to bring your vehicle into the modern era of technology. However, some people have found issues with skipping tracks when using Apple CarPlay’s music apps and services such as Spotify, YouTube Music, or iHeartRadio. If Apple CarPlay is skipping audio […]

Apple CarPlay Spotify: What You Need To Know To Get Started

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Running Spotify via Apple CarPlay is one of the best and most convenient ways to stream music in your car. If you want to learn more about how to use Spotify Apple CarPlay, you came to the right place! You can use Spotify with Apple CarPlay in any car that has the feature. Spotify is […]

What are the Best Car Stereo Sound Settings?

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A balanced car stereo sound setting is best. You should select a preset depending on your music preference and adjust to your needs from there. The critical setting we’ll is talking about: Sound positioning balance Audio equalizer settings (Bass & Treble)   Car stereo sound settings can mean the difference between BLAH and AMAZING!   […]

Tidal CarPlay: A Complete Guide

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Tidal is one of the less used paid streaming services, with its main selling point being superior sound quality.  However, how does the Tidal Carplay App perform well, and what do you need to know about it? I took out the Tidals’ basic plan to test out the full features and to discover if it […]

Dolby Atmos CarPlay: What you need to know!

Dolby Atmos and CarPlay can be a great combination for listing to breathtaking music thanks to the latest advances in audio technology.  But how do you know if they’re compatible, and how do you enable it? Any CarPlay speaker can be used in coordination with Dobly Atoms; however, to get the full experience, you’ll need […]

YouTube Music CarPlay: How To Get Started?

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One of the apps you can use with CarPlay is YouTube Music, a music-streaming platform created by Google.  You might be wondering how to utilize the best features of both applications to upgrade your overall driving experience. To get started with YouTube Music on CarPlay, you first need to connect your phone to your vehicle. […]

Will a Car Stereo Play M4A Formats?

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Ever put in an audio file in your car stereo just to find out that the format isn’t unsupported by the device? It’s annoying, right?  Well, sadly, we’ve all been there. A car stereo will play M4A format if it’s supported. In general, modern car stereo systems should be able to play several different formats, […]

Amazon Music CarPlay: What you need to know!

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The Amazon Music CarPlay app is a sophisticated application designed by Amazon. It is a platform that allows vehicle owners with CarPlay to gain access to Unlimited Music. The App is designed to work with your Apple CarPlay in synergy with your iPhone. Of course, CarPlay is an in-car system available to iPhone users with […]

8 Apple CarPlay Music Apps & How to get Started

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Apple CarPlay music apps are a sure way to enjoy music non-stop in your car on your daily trips. Since Apple CarPlay lets you mirror your phone on your car’s infotainment screen, you can install any of the Apple music apps to access unlimited music playlists online. There are several CarPlay music apps online. Some […]