iPhone 6 CarPlay: Is it Compatible & How To Get Setup?

iphone 6 CarPlay - featured image

iPhone 6 car play is compatible with most of the latest car models. Apple attempts to bring its iPhone 6 software competence to the automobile, with Siri voice commands for added ease. Apple has created CarPlay, which allows you to use the iPhone 6’s most ingenious features while driving safely.  Let’s look at how the […]

CarPlay Not in Settings: What Should I do?

CarPlay Not in Settings Featured Image

Installing Apple CarPlay is one of the smartest and safest ways to use your iPhone in your car. While on the road, the Apple CarPlay app allows you to do virtually everything you can do with your phone handy. However, CarPlay not showing up in Settings appears to be one of the common challenges that […]

Is CarPlay an App?

Is carplay an app: featured image

Apple CarPlay is starting to appear in more and more car stereos. In fact, it is often touted as a major feature of these stereos. But, what is Apple CarPlay? Is CarPlay an app?  Do you have to install apps onto it?  In short: Apple CarPlay is a piece of software built into your car […]

Best Apple CarPlay Phone Mount

People who often use their Apple Car Play often want to install a phone mount for their phones. This is a great way to have the phone accessible and safe while you are driving. It allows you access to your phone in a safe way because you will always be hands free, but it is […]

Waze Settings: A Complete Guide

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In this article, we’ll be discussing all the various Waze settings and what options are available while using the app. This is dedicated to the standalone app, but we have an article around Waze CarPlay settings that discusses the specific setting for the CarPlay app. In the video, we discuss all of the settings to […]