Why Apple Carplay Keeps Disconnecting?

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There are many reasons why your Apple CarPlay keeps disconnecting/stopping, but some of the top reasons are; Loose or faulty lightning cables, an inadequate car audio system, power management issues, or software problems. Issues Faulty or loose cables Inadequate Car Audio System Power Management issues Software Problems Solutions Replace the CarPlay charging cable or find […]

How To Fix a Ford Sync Radio With No Sound?

The best way to fix a ford sync radio with no sound is to perform a master reset to set the radio back into normal operating mode. Be aware that performing a master reset will have navigation points and personal data.   Perform A Master Reset OR  Consult Ford Approved Mechanic Ford Sync Connected but No […]

How to Fix a Car Radio that Got Wet?

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Wet car radios can be fixed by mopping water off the affected areas or Air-Drying. In some instances where damage is too bad, the radio may need to be totally replaced. Car radios are susceptible to harmful exposure to water either due to human errors, natural causes, or faulty equipment. And, if not handled properly, […]

4 Broken Car Radio Alternatives

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Got a broken car radio? There are many broken car radio alternatives you could try out. To start with, you could completely change the car radio system or even use a portable Bluetooth speaker designed for this purpose. Your car radio may have gone bad due to a blown fuse, damaged antenna, damaged tuner, or […]

How To Stop Apple CarPlay Crashing: 6 Simple Solutions

The constant presence of technology today makes even the tiniest disruption to connectivity feel enormously frustrating. Take in-car software integration, for instance. The ease and seamlessness of using Apple CarPlay only make crashes in service seem more annoying. Apple CarPlay can crash because of connectivity, software, or hardware-related issues. Depending on the source of the […]

Head Unit Will Not Turn off: 6 Steps to Follow

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Your head unit might not turn off because of a faulty wiring connection or the automatic delay feature that eventually powers off the head unit. Continue reading to learn more about why your head unit might not be powered off and potential solutions to fix the problem. Your guide to finding out how to turn […]

How to Fix an Android Head Unit Overheating?

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It can be frustrating to find that your Android head unit has overheated. It can make your system go haywire! You might notice that your radio continuously reboots, and the screen starts acting up. It might black out, or it could flash a few times. If you are running your heater, this could cause overheating. […]

My Vehicle’s Radio Fuse Blows Immediately: How to Fix It?

Radio Fuse

Your radio fuse could be blowing because of several reasons, such as using the incorrect fuse type, being installed incorrectly, intermittent shorts or an overloaded circuit. You’ll need to troubleshoot and work your way through the list of potential issues to fix the problem.  Good music can make a long car ride more bearable. However, […]

Why my Car Speaker is Distorting at High Volume?

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There are multiple reasons why your car speaker might be distorting at a high volume, such as not having an amplifier, an over-powerful amplifier, faulty speakers, or wrongly set amplifier gain controls. Continue reading to find out some potential solutions for the distortion. Potential Reasons Why: No amplifier in the car stereo system Faulty speakers […]

Car Radio Theft: How Often Are Car Radios Stolen?

Car radios are rarely stolen because of the low resale value and difficulty in removing most radios and stereos from the dash of your vehicle. Top Reasons: Old Technology Too Complicated Resale difficulty Little Value Better items to steal If you owned a car 20 years ago, you likely had to keep your doors locked […]