Does Charging your Phone in the Car use Gas?

Does Charging your Phone in the Car use Gas featured image

Charging phones in cars is a great way to ensure your device is up and running if you forget to charge it at home. In addition, a device helps with directions using GPS or even jamming to some music. However, almost every component in a car runs on gas. Unless it’s an electric car! So […]

MagSafe & CarPlay: Will It Work?

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MagSafe has been promoted as the new generation Apple charger and is a great way to charge wirelessly. If you have a stand that allows you to charge with MagSafe while driving, it would be a bonus to be able to connect to CarPlay as well. However, can MagSafe connect to CarPlay, and can you […]

Why Apple CarPlay is Not Charging iPhone

Apple CarPlay Not Charging Phone- featured image

Apple CarPlay is perhaps one of the most valuable features of your car. Driving becomes safer when you’ve got everything you need hooked up to voice commands. It’s also helpful to charge your phone on the go, but what do you do if it’s not working? Apple CarPlay may not be charging your phone because […]