Do I Need A Capacitor For My Car Stereo?

You only need a capacitor for your car stereo if your car has surges of power, often visible by the dimming of your car lights. The capacitor is a band-aid solution if you have frequent power surges. In this case, you should consider adding additional batteries instead or increasing the existing capacity. Car Stereo Capacitors […]

How Long Do Car Audio Capacitors Last?


Car audio capacitors last between 2 and 20 years — the make of the capacitor and vehicle environment paly a significant factor in its lifespan.  Over time the capacity of the capacitor will deteriorate making it less and less useful meaning you may wish to change it. As a rule of thumb, you should replace […]

How To Charge A Car Stereo Capacitor?

Stereo capacitor Charger

You can charge your car stereo capacitor by either using a test light or a resistor. After removing the fuse, connect either the test light or the resistor to the in-line fuse holder. For test lights, the capacitor is charged fully when the light bulb turns off. For resistors, it is a successful charge when […]