AUX vs USB: Which Connection Method is Best?

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AUX and USB are two of the most common ways to connect audio devices to external speakers, headphones, or other audio equipment. While both AUX and USB connections serve the same purpose, there are some key differences between them that can affect their performance and suitability for different applications. As a car audio enthusiast, I […]

Can You Link Speaker Wires to Aux Leads? And How?

Can You Link Speaker Wires to Aux Leads - featured image

Yes, it is possible to link speaker wires to aux leads. Still, you need to figure out if the signals need to be amplified to play audio at higher volumes and through more prominent speakers you’ll be connecting to. At a glance, most folks might not see all that much of a difference between speaker […]

Why My Stereo Won’t Play On Both Speakers Via AUX?

Aux Cable

There are serval reasons why your stereo won’t play on both speakers via AUX, such as a broken AUX Cable, Phone or Stereo formatting, and issues with the physical connection to the speakers. You should troubleshoot your way of finding which of the components are not working correctly.  If the stereo alone allows both speakers […]