5 Stop Texting and Driving Applications (iOS & Android)

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Texting and driving is never a good idea. However, some of us got used to it, and trying to stop can get tricky.

There are a lot of convincing arguments why texting and driving is dangerous, but when it comes to actually doing it, old habits die hard. That’s why there are some great mobile apps out there that can help you reach for your phone less when you’re behind the wheel.

We gathered the top 5 applications that should help you break the habit, as well as a couple of in-car solutions that should eliminate the need to look at your phone.

Don’t text and Drive Apps:

So without further ado, here are our picks for apps that’ll help you stop texting and driving!

1.  On My Way

OnMyWay screenshot from the app store a top stop texting and driving application

On My Way is the most popular application to stop you from texting and driving. Its premise is pretty simple: leave your phone locked in the glove compartment, and the app will reward you for each mile driven safely.

The rewards include free gas, free food, cash cards, and raffles. It also allows for referral rewards when you invite your friends and family to use it.

The app launches automatically and tracks your phone use when you’re driving faster than 10 miles per hour. This allows you to be more focused on the road, preventing any accidents that might happen.

The On My Way app is available for both ISO & Android

2.  DriveMode & DriveMode Dash

Drivemode screenshot from the app store a popular texting driving app

DriveMode is an Android app that simplifies your phone’s interface so that you can use any application you need while driving. Gestures like swiping up, down, left, and right replace traditional button and slider controls to make the apps usable even when your eyes are on the road.

It also has voice command options for returning calls and answering texts, which makes the job a lot smoother.

DriverMode Dash is the iOS equivalent of the app. Although, due to the restrictions Apple puts on third-party apps, it has more limitations than the Android version.

Get DriverMode and DriverMode Dash for iOS & Android.

3.  LifeSaver

LifeSaver app is a solution designed for fleets and families to stop you from texting and driving by limiting the need to. It works in the background and locks your phone once you’re on the move.

Notifications to your loved ones or colleagues are sent via the app to let them know where you are. You can also activate notifications to monitor driving teens to know they’ve arrived safely at their destination.

The app also gives you a score for how safely you’re driving, and in Family View, you can review each other’s scores.

Get LifeSaver on iOS & Android.

4.  DriveSafe.ly

This app is an old-school solution to the texting and driving issue. This is evident by their format supporting Blackberry smartphones, but not iOS. It’s also limited to United States users only.

Well, all DriveSafe.ly does is read your incoming text messages and emails out loud, so you don’t have to peek at the screen.

That’s the whole premise right there. However, it seems to be good enough to stick around for all these years!

Get DriveSafe.ly on Android.

5.  Driving Focus Mode

screenshot of driving focus which can help stop distracted driving


While this isn’t a third-party app, if you have an iPhone, you have all you need to stop texting and driving!

Starting from iOS 15, you can activate Focus Mode: Driving on your phone. Use it to decline incoming calls and text notifications even if your phone isn’t connected to a hands-free device.

The great thing about this feature is that you can control whether or not it turns on automatically, when connected to Bluetooth or when connected to CarPlay, as well as decide which notifications make it through to you.

You can also share your Focus Status with contacts, so they know that you’re driving and contact you once you’ve reached your destination.

Here’s how to activate it on your iPhone.

This is highly recommended as it’s built into the IOS of the iPhone. I would suggest using this first before opting for one of these texting driving apps and see how you get on.

Car Systems to Handle Your Phone on the Road

Recently, both Apple and Android created apps for your car that can prevent texting and driving, as well as other phone distractions. Here’s a quick overview.

Apple CarPlay

CarPlay is an Apple interface for your car’s built-in screen that connects to your iPhone wirelessly. This allows you to:

The feature is available for some car models; check here for support information.

You can then use CarPlay Siri commands to say things like “text tom – I’m just around the corner,” and the message will automatically be sent. While this can still be slightly distracting, it’s much better than playing with your phone.

Android Auto

Android Auto is very similar to Apple CarPlay, but for Android phones, it connects via USB cable or wirelessly.

It uses Google Assistant technology to allow you to use your phone while keeping your eyes on the road.

As for most Android applications, Android Auto supports a wide range of vehicles and aftermarket stereo systems. Just make sure it’s supported for vehicles in your country, since some countries are yet to join the list.

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