SoundCloud CarPlay: Everything you need to know!

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One of the common concerns among users who have installed the SoundCloud app is that it fails to show on your CarPlay head unit. 

Understandably, this can be frustrating when wanting to stream or listen to your favorite tunes while you drive. 

So, is there a problem with SoundCloud CarPlay compatibility, and if so, what should you do?

It is not currently possible to use SoundCloud with Carplay. While SoundCloud is working on increasing the app’s accessibility, there is now no integration with Apple Carplay. Therefore, SoundCloud mobile app support does not extend to CarPlay and, as such, does not function with the Carplay app.

In this article, I will explain why you may be having issues seeing the SoundCloud CarPlay app on your CarPlay head unit, even after installing it on your iPhone. 

See SoundClouds official stance:


Apple CarPlay & Android Auto – SoundCloud carplay Help Center

Additionally, I will guide you through some other alternatives in the market that will allow you to listen to music while driving. 

Can You Use SoundCloud on Apple CarPlay?

SoundCloud does not offer a CarPlay app at the moment. Accordingly, it will likely not work with your CarPlay head unit. Therefore, you cannot use SoundCloud on Apple Carplay. 

The objective of Apple Carplay was to integrate your iPhone interface into your vehicle’s touchscreen, which ensures that you can listen to music without touching your phone. 

Accordingly, you should be able to navigate your phone, dial, or send text messages from the car’s touchscreen. 

It is a crucial safety feature to prevent handling your phone while on the road. 

However, because there is no integration of the SoundCloud app with Apple Carplay presently, I recommend trying out these alternatives.  


Alternatives to Using Soundcloud Apple CarPlay

There are various alternatives that you can pursue if you want to listen to your music library while on the road:


1. Play the Music From Your Phone via Bluetooth

Because it is not possible to integrate SoundCloud with Apple CarPlay, you may first need to access the playlist from your phone. 

You can connect your phone to the head unit via Bluetooth, which will give you access to your playlist. 

However, while you will be able to play music from your phone via your head unit, you will lose a lot of control over key functions. 

These can include the play and pause functions, skip, and repeat functions. Additionally, you will be able to listen to your playlists, but you won’t be able to have any navigation control from your car’s touchscreen. 

Kind of like having an old-school stereo!

It all depends on how dedicated you are to using SoundCloud over other apps I’ll shortly mention.

Sony Stereo
Sony Stereo


2. Connect Your iPhone to Your Car’s Stereo via USB

You can also easily listen to the playlists on your iPhone on your car stereo by pairing your iPhone to the stereo via USB. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Connect the car’s stereo to your iPhone via a data or lightning cable.
  2. Set your vehicle’s stereo to iPhone/USB mode.
  3. On the car stereo’s interface, set the mode to USB or iPhone mode.


3. Use Other Music Apps That Integrate With Apple Carplay

Although SoundCloud CarPlay is not currently supported, there are other Apple CarPlay music apps that are. I will discuss some of these options below: 

  • Spotify: Spotify has created a new app compatible with Apple CarPlay. Accordingly, it allows the driver to access millions of songs and podcasts from this streaming service right from the car’s dashboard. Unlike SoundCloud, Spotify integrates seamlessly with Apple Carplay and provides complete navigational control. 


  • iTunes: If you already have Apple Music integrated into your car, you can access a wide range of music and podcasts without pairing with your phone. You can easily open the Apple Music app from your car’s Carplay head unit/display panel and sign in with your Apple ID.


  • Vox: If you want a greater variety than what you can get on iTunes, I recommend installing the Vox app on Apple Carplay. Vox will provide access to more than 3,500 radio stations and an unlimited music storage resource. 


  • Pandora: Like Vox and Spotify, Pandora integrates seamlessly with Apple Carplay, but you need to update the Pandora Radio for iPhone app to the latest version. Once this app appears on the display, you can easily control Pandora via Apple Carplay for a memorable road trip.


  • Other honorable mentions include:

You can easily add apps to CarPlay by installing the regular version of the app on your iPhone. It’s that easy!


Final Thoughts

While SoundCloud support does not currently extend to Apple Carplay, it does not mean that you cannot access your favorite music while on the road. 

If you do not mind losing some functionality, you can pair your iPhone to your stereo via Bluetooth or USB and start the music from the phone.

However, alternative music streaming apps such as Spotify, Vox, and Pandora are compatible with Apple Play. 

You may want to explore these alternatives as they will provide access to a wide range of music and podcasts to keep you entertained while on the road.

I loved my car but was frustrated with my media system. So I upgraded my stereo, making silly wires and precarious phone mounts a thing of the past. The Apple Car Play stereo was so good I wanted to show more people how this could be done and truly upgrade their cars multimedia system! Founder
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