Slack CarPlay: Is it Compatible?

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For team communication and planning, Slack is one of the most-used apps.

The app is easily accessible on a computer, laptop, and even via mobile.

If you’re looking to increase your productivity even while you’re away from home, you might wonder if Slack is compatible with CarPlay.

You cannot use Slack on Apple CarPlay. Slack’s development team has not yet made this possible. You can install third-party apps to work around the restriction, but with subpar results. These apps may also require a jailbroken phone. Instead, you can use compatible CarPlay apps such as WhatsApp, iMessage, or Zoom to communicate with team members.

This article discusses how Slack CarPlay works, to what extent you can use it, and whether you should use it while driving.

We’ll also dive into other alternatives to Slack on CarPlay, so keep reading to learn more.

What Is Slack?

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Slack is a communication tool with dedicated “channels.” You can allot channels to different projects or connect other apps to get a more unified view of your progress from a single app. Similar to Discord, albeit with much more business-oriented features.

The different features offered in Slack are:

  • Channels: Focused discussion forums that you can create and add members to.
  • Slack Connect: Connect with members outside your company for more accessible communication.
  • Direct messaging: send a message directly to one of your added members, and talk privately.
  • Clips: Record and send small audio and video messages, which can be slowed or sped up.
  • Accessibility: Use emojis, change zoom and contrast levels, and more.

What Is Apple CarPlay?

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Apple CarPlay allows you to stream your iPhone’s screen onto the display unit of your car. It requires at least an iPhone 5 to operate correctly and allows a few compatible apps to be displayed onto the display unit, which you can use while driving. 

If your car is compatible with CarPlay, along with a compatible iPhone, (iPhone 5, onwards) simply connect it to your car via a lightning cable or wirelessly (if the device can connect wirelessly).

After this, your device should connect to the display in the car, and you can directly control your phone from the screen.

With CarPlay, the screen goes to the iPhone menu when you connect it. Only phone, text, and navigation alerts are shown to you on the notification panel. It doesn’t show any of the other notifications.

This includes any social media apps or game app updates.

Is there a Compatible Slack Carplay App?

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Slack is not compatible with CarPlay. There are, however, a few ways to make it work on your display device. To do so, you’ll need a jailbroken iPhone or third-party app, such as WheelPal, InCar, or CarBridge. Instead, you should use a compatible app such as the WhatsApp CarPlay app, iMessage, or Zoom.

Note: Apps such as Facebook Messenger and Telegram also don’t work with CarPlay.

How To Use Slack With Apple CarPlay

You cannot use Slack with Apple CarPlay unless you use a third-party app to access the Slack app on your display.

Some of these apps require you to have a jailbroken device in order for the app to work.

There are several apps with which you can access Slack via CarPlay, as we’ll discuss more in-depth below.

WARNING: We do not endorse using the following options as they can void your warranty and are not recommended by Apple. Instead, you should use a compatible app such as the WhatsApp CarPlay app, iMessage, or Zoom.

WheelPal App

This app is a good option when trying to use Slack on your CarPlay device since it directly streams the iPhone display onto the car display device, but it requires jailbreaking your iPhone.

The procedure for using this app to use Slack on CarPlay is as follows:

  1. Download the WheelPal app on your iPhone and mark the app as trusted on your phone. To do this, go to Settings > General > Profiles > Device Management. For more information on installing the WheelPal app, view their official installation guide.
  2. Open the app and add Slack. The app automatically asks if the phone you’re using is jailbroken. If not, the app will determine whether or not it’s possible on your iPhone. If so, the app provides a straightforward user guide for jailbreaking. Keep in mind that jailbreaking an iPhone ends all Apple Support, including voiding your warranty.
  3. Run the app on CarPlay. Once you’ve followed all prompts, if the phone is compatible and jailbroken, the Slack app can run on CarPlay.

InCar App

The InCar app is similar to Apple CarPlay, being that you can listen to music, podcasts, and watch movies while driving (we do not recommend this).

While driving, users can access the app, click on their desired program, and launch it in landscape orientation. Slack works with InCar, so you can enhance your work experience even while on the go.

Installing the InCar app requires the click of a few buttons. Follow the instructions as follows:

  1. Install the InCar app. Allow pop-ups. Navigate to Settings > General > Profiles > Device Management.
  2. Install the InCar iOS downloaded profile (enabled in the pop-ups). From here, the app should run any apps you choose.

CarBridge App

With CarBridge, you’ll need a jailbroken iPhone. Once the iPhone is jailbroken, you can enjoy the features of CarBridge.

Keep in mind that CarBridge isn’t a free app. Still, it seems worth the expense, especially if you intend to use Slack with Apple CarPlay.

CarBridge allows users to enjoy any third-party app, including Slack, on CarPlay.

Additionally, you can have two apps open and running simultaneously. You’ll need to download the app to both your phone and vehicle. There is no need to close the app when switching between your car and mobile device.

For more information, visit the CarBridge official website. You can also check out this handy app installation video and visual guide for using the app on CarPlay devices:

If you don’t like the look of CarBridge, see my top CarBridge alternatives, which could work with Slack.

Should You Use Slack With CarPlay?

Using Slack with CarPlay isn’t recommended, as it creates a distracted driving situation.

However, if you’re out and about and parked, having Slack available via CarPlay can make keeping in touch with business matters easier and more convenient.

Additionally, if you’re a passenger in a vehicle, you can enjoy the perks of Slack while on the road. With that said, never use Slack while operating the vehicle.

Configuring and using the Slack app while driving is potentially dangerous.

It’s best to communicate with team members using the Messages app, Zoom, Webex, or WhatsApp. From there, you can utilize the voice dictation feature in CarPlay, which is much safer to use when driving.

Final Thoughts

Despite the ability to alter your phone to access Slack CarPlay, these apps only stream the iPhone’s stream to the display. As such, you must control the display via your mobile device.

Using your phone while driving can create dangerous situations, so it’s not advised.

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