Samsung CarPlay: How Do I Connect Samsung to CarPlay?

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When CarPlay came onto the scene in 2014, Apple users were more than excited with the new means of controlling your iPhone within your car. 

Given the convenience it provides, users of all kinds of mobile devices (including Samsung) have been wondering if they can get in on the act. So, can you connect Samsung to CarPlay?

You can’t use CarPlay on your Samsung device. CarPlay functions are exclusively made for iOS devices. The only way to enjoy CarPlay’s functionality on Samsung is to use a similar alternative such as Android Auto.

The rest of this article will explore why you can’t use Samsung CarPlay on a mobile device.

 It’ll also cover how you can enjoy the same benefits of CarPlay via another intelligent system specifically made for your Samsung, so be sure to read to the end. 

How Do I Connect to Samsung CarPlay?

You can’t connect Samsung to CarPlay because Samsung devices use an Android operating system. You can only install CarPlay on devices that support iOS. 

Put otherwise, CarPlay was not made for anything other than Apple phones. 

This is the same for Google Pixel phones and CarPlay. And Huawei.


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Does Samsung Have CarPlay?

Samsung does not have CarPlay. CarPlay is a proprietary technology developed by Apple specifically for iOS devices. It syncs to these devices via the Apple lighting connector, which Samsung doesn’t have. 

CarPlay retrieves some of the apps on the device and uses your car’s infotainment system to control the functions of these apps. Some car models come with voice commands, but you typically control the apps using the touch screen of your car’s infotainment system.

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Alternative To Samsung CarPlay

Even though Samsung doesn’t have CarPlay, you can use an equally appealing system to get the same experience on your device. 

Samsung’s CarPlay equivalent is known as Android Auto. Think of it as the Samsung CarPlay app that lets you connect your phone or tablet to your car’s display. 

With Android Auto, you can navigate your routes, play music from your phone through your car speakers, and even make a phone call as you drive.

The hands-free system communicates with your Samsung device through your car’s display. 

This allows you to use voice commands to drive safely as you access essential functions on your phone. All you have to do is connect your phone to your car system.

How Do I Connect Samsung to Android Auto?

You can connect your Samsung device to Android Auto in three simple steps:

  • First, check that your car or stereo is compatible with Android Auto.
  • Check your phone’s compatibility with Android Auto.
  • Connect your phone via USB.

Let’s cover each of these steps in greater detail.

1. Check That Your Car or Stereo Is Compatible With Android Auto

Android Auto supports over 500 car models and car stereo systems. You can check if yours matches with Android Auto here

From our internal research, if you wanted to buy an Andriod Auto model, these car radios tend to cost around $350 (£300) on average. Most modern double DIN radios will be compatible.

Also, make sure that Android Auto is turned on in your car’s settings. 

You’ll need to update the infotainment system on some automobiles to access Android Auto.

2. Check Your Phone’s Compatibility

Most Samsung phones can use Android Auto.

If yours runs on Android 9 or below, visit the Play Store and download the Android Auto app

For Samsung phones running Android 10 and above, the app is inbuilt.

3. Connect Your Phone Via USB

Use a compatible USB to connect your phone to your car’s car radio or infotainment system. Once connected, you will see a notification from Android Auto on your phone. 

Swipe down from the Notification Center to allow data transfer between the phone and the app. Android Auto will now display on your car’s touch interface.

Some USB cables might limit how fast your phone communicates with your car’s system. It’s therefore essential to use an original Samsung USB cable to get uninterrupted data flow. 

Alternatively, you can connect your Samsung to Android Auto using Bluetooth. This is similar to Apple’s Wireless CarPlay

But first, you will have to pair your car and phone to establish a Bluetooth connection.

View some of these steps in the video below:

Final Thoughts

CarPlay is an automobile technology that lets you use your phone as you drive. 

However, it’s not available on Samsung phones because it’s made exclusively for Apple phones, but not for iPads

The alternative you can use as a Samsung user is Android Auto. 

It works similarly to CarPlay. If your car supports Android Auto, all you need to do is connect your Samsung to the vehicle via USB cable or Bluetooth, and you’re ready to go!


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