My Vehicle’s Radio Fuse Blows Immediately: How to Fix It?

Radio Fuse

Your radio fuse could be blowing because of several reasons, such as using the incorrect fuse type, being installed incorrectly, intermittent shorts or an overloaded circuit. You’ll need to troubleshoot and work your way through the list of potential issues to fix the problem. 

Good music can make a long car ride more bearable. However, many used car owners face difficulties with their vehicles when they turn the radio on. 

Every car has a fuse box, and for some car owners, the fuse blows as soon as they turn on the radio.

There are several reasons why this could happen, but they all point back to the vehicle’s electrical content.

Why Does The Vehicle’s Radio Fuse Keep Blowing?

Several things could cause a radio fuse to blow, including:

  • Incorrect fuse types
  • Fuses installed incorrectly
  • Intermittent shorts
  • Overloaded circuits


Radios use a certain amount of wattage, and if the fuses that were installed carry less, then there’s a good chance the fuse will blow. 

Also, if too many components are running on one fuse, it’s likely to blow as well. Your vehicle’s circuitry will depend on the model and previous repairs and additions. 

If you inspect the circuits and discover that the correct fuses are installed, an intermittent short is likely the problem. 

This is due to old and faulty wires, because if two bad wires touch, they could become overloaded.

See a fuse being replaced with a fuse puller:

How To Fix a Radio Fuse That Keeps Blowing?

Before messing around with the electronics of your car:

  1. Switch off the ignition
  2. Apply the parking brake


Before you start to repair the issue, you need to know which electrical components are wired into the radio’s circuit. 

To accurately determine the correct fuse size, you must consider the wattage used. Always consult your vehicle’s owner manual before you repair a blown a fuse as well.

In the owner’s manual, it should give you the exact location of the fuse box and the assigned circuit for all the fuses. If the car is a newer model, you should be able to remove the fuse box lid either with your hand or use a small screwdriver. 

TIP: When you have the lid open, you may need tweezers to remove the blown fuse.

However, if you replace the blown fuse and the problem persists, you may have to try something else. 

Start by removing the car radio from the dashboard. Inspect to make sure all the wires behind the radio are connected. You may have to check each wire individually to make sure it is connected. They all need to be connected and insulated, so they don’t touch each other.

If you don’t have the correct tools to remove your car stereo, it may be tricky. 

If this doesn’t fix your issue, you may have to do some further troubleshooting. 

The next area you should check is the speakers in each door panel, front, and back.

Again, give each one a thorough look through to make sure none of the wires is touching one another. 

How To Replace A Fuse: Video

Final Thoughts

If the troubleshooting methods above don’t fix the issue you have with your car radio’s fuse blowing, you may have to call a technician for help. They have all the right experience and tools, including an ohmmeter and voltmeter, to get to the bottom of your problem. 

If you are not confident with electronics, you should contact a professional to ensure the job is done correctly.  

Once you get that fuse fixed, you can listen to your favorite tunes again. 

Note: This can be a common reason for a Ford F150 radio not working. If so, see our dedicated article.

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