Protecting Your Stereo Equipment When Shipping A vehicle

Protecting Your Stereo Equipment When Shipping A Vehicle - featured image

Your stereo system can be an expensive investment that needs to be taken care of.

But what happens when you decide to ship your vehicle, should you leave it inside of your car or ship it separately?

Below we’ll go over how to protect your stereo when shipping a car and how to find a suitable transportation company.

Let’s get started.

How to Protect Your Stereo When Shipping a Car?

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If you have an expensive stereo setup in your vehicle, it may make sense to completely remove it while it’s being transported. While the risk of theft is quite low, there is always the risk if your vehicle is transported on an open trailer which can lead to car radio theft.

All loose objects should be removed from your vehicle when being transported, so it’s not a good idea to simply place them in the trunk. Unfortunately, this means you may have to ship it another way to its final destination.

You can ask your moving company if they have any connections with parcel shipping companies to help aid in shipping your stereo system over. If you are shipping your vehicle in an enclosed trailer, then you should be able to leave your stereo as is in the vehicle.

Enclosed trailers keep your vehicle hidden from the outside world, thus, reducing the risk of any theft taking place. You do, however need to pay a bit more for an enclosed trailer, so there are downsides to this method of transport.

How to Choose a Transportation Company?

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Check if the Company is Insured

The transportation company you work with must be insured; otherwise, you run the risk of losing the worth of your vehicle if there were an accident or theft to occur. It’s important to read over the insurance policy because some transport companies only insure the vehicle up to a certain amount.

If you have a luxury or exotic vehicle, then you’ll have to go with a transport company that specializes in these types of transportation. Car transport services by A-1 Auto offer this type of service and allow you to purchase additional insurance to cover the entirety of your car.

Check Reviews

It’s important to check the reviews of multiple different platforms, from Google Reviews to socials like A-1 Auto Transport’s Twitter. It’s a good idea to read not only the good reviews but the bad reviews as well.

Some transport companies may do well in local shipments, but falter when it comes to international and vice versa. Remember, not all review platforms are perfect, so always take the reviews with a grain of salt and use your best judgment.

Check Registrations

Your transportation company is required by law to have a DOT number that you can check. You can also ask for their Motor Carrier Number and put that number into the FMCSA website so you know their driving record.

Also, these companies are required to be registered with the Federal Maritime Commission, so you can use these methods to verify the company you’re working with is legitimate or not.

Get Different Quotes

A good way to negotiate is by getting different quotes. This helps you scope out the rough price you should be paying but also helps you gain leverage if you’re trying to get a cheaper price. Remember, not all shipping companies operate the same, and some may have higher underlying costs than others.

It’s also important to remember that not all discounts are made equal, and they must come out of somewhere. These discounts may come out of insurance policies or from paying the driver, thus leading to a worse overall service. Always double-check what the companies are offering before handing over your keys.

Ask about Cancellation Policies

Some transportation companies will charge you if you decide you want to cancel ahead of time.

While this fee can be as low as $100-200, it’s still a risk that you’re taking by signing up with these companies. Always check their policies before you sign any contract.


In conclusion, when shipping your vehicle, it is essential to consider the protection of your stereo system and find a reputable transportation company. While the risk of stereo theft is low, it is advisable to remove the stereo if your vehicle is transported on an open trailer. Loose objects should be cleared from the vehicle entirely, and shipping the stereo separately may be necessary.

Verifying the company’s registrations, such as the DOT number and Motor Carrier Number, ensures their legitimacy. Obtaining multiple quotes allows for price comparison and potential negotiation.

Additionally, understanding cancellation policies beforehand can help avoid unexpected fees. By taking these precautions and selecting a reliable transportation company, you can protect your stereo system and ensure a smooth and secure shipping experience for your vehicle.

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