New Car Cassette Players: Can I Still Get One?

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Although rare, new cassette players that are ready to be installed can still be found. While you can install one of these new players, there are easier ways to still enjoy your cassette collection, even in the latest cars. 

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Whether fresh off the assembly line or just new to you, getting a new car is one of the most exciting purchases a person can make.

Additionally, everyone knows that the best part of driving a new car is listening to your favorite tunes as you make your way around town. 

If you’ve been a music connoisseur for decades, newer car audio systems can pose a problem. Most new models of cars come with a USB port, auxiliary cable input, and Bluetooth, and while these options are great for streaming from your phone, they’re all but useless to cassette collectors. 

If you’ve been collecting cassettes over the years, you might wonder, ‘can I still get a new car cassette player and install it in my car?’

Do They Still Make New Cassette Players For Cars?

Yes! Companies like Pioneer and Road Gear are still producing new cassette players for cars. However, they can be hard to find.

While no new car manufacturers include cassette players, it may surprise you to find that third-party companies are still producing cassette players that can be installed in your new vehicle, regardless of the make and model! 

A few models available today are:

  • Pioneer KEH-P2030
  • Panasonic CQ-RG133W
  • Road Gear Vintage AM / FM Cassette Car Stereo

Unfortunately, these cassette players can be expensive, ranging from $125 to over $400!(Depending on the seller). Cassette players aren’t popular products for companies, so they produce only small numbers, hence the high prices. 

Not as many people want to buy car stereo cassette players either. Especially as people can often wonder
where to buy blank cassette tapes or the latest music on tapes. Times have changed.

If you’re suffering sticker shock, why not consider some cassette player alternatives? 

What about Second-Hand Car Cassette Players?

While it’s not always possible to buy a new car cassette player, many used cassette decks are available, some in excellent working condition.

One of the best places to find these is eBay!

At the time of writing, there were several results for used and working car cassette players listed on the platform. While some varied in condition, there are many in perfect working order.

Car Cassette Player - Ebay listings
Car Cassette Player – eBay listings

You can check out the listings here.

Other places where you could find car radio cassette plays include pawn shops or old vintage shops.


How Can I Listen To Cassette Tapes In My Car? 

A New car cassette player can put a hurt on your wallet, but did you know there are fantastic alternatives that will save you the labor of installing a new radio?

Some of the most popular alternatives for enjoying your cassette collections in your car are: 

  • FM Transmitters
    • Using your car’s radio frequency, FM transmitters offer a way to play music from streaming devices, portable CD players, and cassette players in cars that lack auxiliary or USB ports.
    • This is a great low-cost way to utilize the car’s radio and cigarette lighter, which almost every vehicle has.

  • Players with auxiliary or USB outputs
    • If your car has an aux port or USB port, you can use any player, no matter the age, to play your cassettes as long as the player has a standard 3.5mm headphone port. You’ll need a male-to-male 3.5mm aux cord for an auxiliary port and a 3.5mm-to-USB cable for a USB port. 
  • Players with Bluetooth
    • Modern cassette players use Bluetooth to create a wireless experience in newer cars with Bluetooth capabilities. With these players, which are about the size of your hand, you’ll just need to insert your cassette and connect the player to your car’s Bluetooth.

Of all the options, modern Bluetooth cassette players are by far the easiest. No wires are required, and Bluetooth allows for much better sound quality than other options like FM transmitters. 


A New car cassette player for cars is out there, but they can be expensive and difficult to install if you find one.

Instead, consider alternative methods of enjoying your cassette collection in your car, like wireless Bluetooth connections, Aux connections, or FM Transmitters. While these methods might not be as nostalgic, they will work and continue to work for the foreseeable future! 

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