iPhone 6 CarPlay: Is it Compatible & How To Get Setup?

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iPhone 6 car play is compatible with most of the latest car models. Apple attempts to bring its iPhone 6 software competence to the automobile, with Siri voice commands for added ease. Apple has created CarPlay, which allows you to use the iPhone 6’s most ingenious features while driving safely. 

Let’s look at how the iPhone 6 CarPlay works and how to use it. 

Also, we will discuss if we need any specific app for CarPlay and which apps CarPlay supports. 

In the end, we will see which cars are CarPlay compatible.

Apple CarPlay Home Screen
Apple CarPlay Home Screen

How To Use Carplay on Your iPhone 6

CarPlay’s most significant selling point is the infotainment system and touchscreen display installed in your dashboard. 

You can engage with CarPlay via the dials and buttons on your CarPlay-compatible vehicle, along with the touch and voice inputs. 

Here are the steps to use CarPlay on your iPhone 6:

  1. Sync your iPhone 6 to the Apple CarPlay-enabled vehicle using a Lightning Connector hooked into a USB port in your car. Apple incorporated a wireless functionality for CarPlay with iOS 9, but your car must also support the feature.
  2. You will have to go through a fast permission process the first time you connect to your iPhone 6 to allow your car to access it. (Your car should be parked, not driving.) 
  3. After that, all you have to do is link your iPhone 6, and it’ll switch into CarPlay mode automatically.
  4. Then Apple CarPlay connects to your iPhone 6 and gets data from it while charging it.
  5. The home screen is a display of app icons that resembles your iPhone’s main screen in appearance. The time and a cell signal meter are on the left side. A digital representation of the iPhone’s home button can be found just below the statistics. 
  6. To return to the home screen, tap and hold it at any moment, or to access Siri, press and hold it.
  7. Now you can operate and interact with various features on your iPhone 6 via the vehicle’s infotainment system.
  8. Apple CarPlay-compatible automobiles include a specific voice-control key on the steering wheel.
  9. When you push that key or button, it launches Apple’s voice assistant Siri, enabling you to make a call, text someone, or get directions.
iPhone Cable Connected to CarPlay
iPhone Cable Connected to CarPlay

What about other iPhone 6 CarPlay Models?

Just like the regular iPhone 6 all of these models are compatible with CarPlay. These include:

  • iPhone 6s Plus
  • iPhone 6
  • iPhone 6 Plus
  • iPhone 6s

The full list of compatibility is available on Apple’s website

iOS - CarPlay - Apple iPhone compatibility
iOS – CarPlay – Apple iPhone compatibility


Do I Need To Download an Apple Carplay App?

You don’t need to download an Apple Carplay app if you have a compatible device, as this feature is incorporated into your iPhone 6. Simply connect your iPhone 6 to a compatible car or radio to utilize it. The CarPlay icon will appear anywhere on your radio display once it’s linked. 

To exit your standard vehicle interface and activate CarPlay, you’ll need to tap it. 

What Apps Does Carplay Support?

As far as Apple apps are concerned, Apple CarPlay supports calling, Apple Music, Messages, Calendar, Audiobooks, and Podcasts; however, this also allows third-party apps compatibility.

The apps Carplay will support include WhatsApp, Spotify, At Bat, Amazon Music, Audible, Overcast, and Audiobooks.com. Other integrated applications are Vox, Zoom, Pandora, NPR One, Downcast, Google Maps, News+, and BBC Sounds, just to name a few.

We recommend the following CarPlay music Apps:


Cars That Are Compatible With Carplay

Your phone will function with CarPlay if it is an iPhone 5 or subsequent version, including iPhone6, running iOS 7.1 or above.

However, it is only half of the story. Let’s look at the vehicles that are compatible with Apple CarPlay.

There are 24 distinct automobile manufacturers on the list, with 114 models that support CarPlay

All of the cars are 2016 models or newer.

However, don’t be dismayed as third-party alternatives can upgrade an older vehicle with CarPlay capability. Listed below are a few examples:

CarPlay support, such as Car Stereo for Toyota Radio Wireless Carplay (Available on Amazon.com), Is safer, simpler, and more convenient to integrate CarPlay with your car. 

At the same time, it takes your iPhone 6 apps and displays them on your car’s large display panel.

Designed to be compatible with Apple CarPlay, Alpine Mech-Less Receiver Compatible with Apple CarPlay (Available on Amazon.com) is another perfect option.

Just about every automobile can be integrated with CarPlay if you’re prepared to replace the infotainment device with one that is CarPlay-friendly.


Apple CarPlay is simple to use and provides a terrific way to engage with your iPhone 6 while driving. 

Just be sure to do it carefully, as using your smartphone while driving can pose dangerous distractions. Simply connect in and utilize driving-friendly applications with simple voice commands if your car allows it. 

CarPlay will improve as more applications are supported and more valuable features are added. 

Though if your car doesn’t accommodate CarPlay, you may have to spend a lot of money and time getting it aligned.

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