How to Stop Texting and Driving (7 Practical Solutions)

Being on your phone while driving has been proven to be a lethal combination. Aside from the personal reasons why texting and driving is dangerous, drivers also put everyone else on the road at risk.

That’s why learning how to stop texting, and driving is crucial for road safety. It’s our impulse to stay connected to the people and things we care about, but taming these instincts can prove life-saving.

Tip for How to Stop Texting and Driving

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So here are 7 practical solutions to control your urge to text and drive at the same time.

  1. Put your phone on silent
  2. Put your phone away
  3. Give your phone to another person
  4. Use the ”Do Not Disturb” setting on your phone
  5. Pull over to use your phone
  6. Use Apple CarPlay or Android Auto
  7. Use a stop texting and driving app


Let’s discuss them in more detail:

1.  Put Your Phone on Silent

If you can’t hear it, is it really ringing?

Well, when you’re driving, it makes a huge difference in your focus to not be distracted by ringing or vibrations from your phone. Just put your phone on silent mode -not vibrate, and you won’t be notified until you’ve reached your destination.

This is pretty easy to do, especially if you’re just driving to the grocery store nearby and can check the messages and phone calls in a pinch.

2.  Put Your Phone Away

Sometimes even the sight of a phone ringing or the visual of a new text can be distracting. That’s why it’s a good idea to put your phone somewhere you can’t catch it with the corner of your eye while taking a turn.

Instead of putting your phone on the dashboard or in the cup holder, put it inside the glove compartment or even on the backseat. If driving alone, you can put it face down on the backseat; just make sure it won’t ring or vibrate to catch your attention.

3.  Give Your Phone to Another Person

This is a pretty great idea, especially if you’re waiting for an important call or text. Just give your phone to the person on the passenger’s seat so they can act like speech-to-text software!

The person next to you can answer your calls and texts without you taking your hand off the steering wheel or your eyes off the road. They can also help you play the music you like or use any navigation software on your behalf, so you don’t get distracted.

It’s pretty great to have a co-pilot, you know!

4.  Use the ”Do Not Disturb” Feature on Your Phone


This is a feature on all new phones that can decline calls and answer texts saying you’ll get back to the person later. It’s pretty helpful when you want to have a prompt reply to your contacts, but don’t want to divide your attention.

5.  Park Your Car to Answer

If you’re waiting for a very important phone call or text, it’s always an option to pull over, park your car, and put on your hazard light. If you’re on a highway, it’s crucial to wait until you reach the next rest stop.

This will allow you to respond in a timely fashion without risking your or any other driver’s safety.

6.  Use Apple CarPlay or Android Auto

Starting from 2021 model cars, both Apple and Android devices can connect to your car’s built-in display via Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. While it’s yet to be the default answer to texting and driving, it sure makes the process a lot safer and easier.

These applications connect your car to your phone, allowing you to use voice commands to answer calls and listen to or dictate texts on the go. The apps also allow you to use speech navigation systems via Apple Maps for CarPlay, or Google Maps and Waze on Android Auto.

You can use these apps to play music as well, as they connect to your Apple Music, Spotify, or other music streaming accounts.

View our article on the best texting and driving applications for some more app ideas.

7.  Use a Safe Driving Rewards App

OnMyWay screenshot from the app store a top stop texting and driving application


Lastly, you can convince yourself to leave your phone by using Erie’s YouTurn or OnMyWay app. These apps basically track your phone use while you’re on the move via GPS, making a note of the distance you go and how much you’re speeding.

The Erie YourTurn app gives you a payout every couple of weeks.

That’s great if you need the cash incentive to stop texting and driving. Soon enough, it’ll become second nature to you.

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