How To Get Apple CarPlay On Uconnect?

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Apple CarPlay is a popular and powerful automobile interface that allows drivers to connect directly with their car’s infotainment system.

The service also works with car radios and enables users to access and control select applications using only their car’s touchscreen interface. But how can you get Apple CarPlay on Uconnect?

You can get Apple CarPlay on Uconnect by connecting your iPhone to and installing the interface on your car’s infotainment system. However, you’ll need a Uconnect system that supports CarPlay and a compatible iPhone to use the service.

In this article, I’ll walk you through a step-by-step guide for installing and using Apple CarPlay on Uconnect and answer a few crucial questions concerning both services.

Keep reading to learn which cars are compatible with Apple CarPlay on Uconnect and discover how to get the most out of the platform. Let’s get started!

How Uconnect Works

2018 Dodge Challenger Uconnect
2018 Dodge Challenger Uconnect

You’ve probably heard of Uconnect at least once or twice. After all, it’s widely regarded as the standard in in-vehicle connectivity platforms. This service allows drivers to access tools like radio and navigation through a touchscreen interface.

However, Uconnect’s most notable feature is smartphone pairing, the ability to connect with smartphones seamlessly.

This feature might seem small, but it offers drivers more functionality than you usually would get access to using only Uconnect. These functions include access to native music apps and libraries, as well as the ability to use your phone as a digital car key.

I’ve already written about Uconnect in a previous article where I compared Uconnect to CarPlay, and you read it to learn more about its many features and functionalities.

How To Get Apple CarPlay On Uconnect

wired carplay connection for comparison vs wireless carplay

Apple CarPlay has been on the market since 2014, but it only became very popular once car manufacturers started supporting the service in 2016. Now, you can find CarPlay support in almost any car, and several interfaces like Uconnect allow easy connections.

But how can you get Apple CarPlay on Uconnect?

You can get Apple CarPlay on Uconnect by following the steps below:

  1. Turn on and set up your vehicle’s Uconnect platform. You can set up the system using the in-vehicle assist button or register online using your smartphone. You can skip this step if you’ve already set up Uconnect, but ensure you provide the correct details during the configuration process.
  2. Connect your smartphone with your vehicle’s Uconnect system by pressing the physical Uconnect button. Afterward, wait for the voice prompt and say “setup” and “phone pairing” when required. Start the pairing process by saying, “pair a phone,” provide the necessary four-digit PIN, and then say “yes” to verify your PIN.
  3. Provide an appropriate name for your smartphone as well as a priority number. Link this phone with Uconnect using Bluetooth by providing the device’s PIN. You can connect as you would any other device, and you should see “pairing complete” on the touchscreen interface if you follow these steps correctly.
  4. Update the Uconnect software to ensure you get the most out of the system during operation. This step isn’t compulsory but can help prevent performance issues and improve device security. You can update by going to the official Uconnect website and providing the required details.
  5. Check if your vehicle’s Uconnect system has and supports Apple CarPlay. Only Uconnect 5 and select Uconnect 4 systems can support the CarPlay interface. However, you can add the CarPlay wirelessly or via USB if your vehicle has these versions of Uconnect.
  6. Start your vehicle and then turn on Siri. You’ll need Siri to configure Apple CarPlay on Uconnect fully. Therefore, you must ensure the service is on before proceeding to the next step.
  7. Connect your iPhone to your vehicle using a CarPlay Lightning to USB cable if you’re using Uconnect 4 or a Uconnect 5 system that allows wired connections. Remember that not all Uconnect 4 systems are compatible with CarPlay. If you followed these steps correctly, you should now have Apple CarPlay on the service.
  8. Alternatively, you can wirelessly connect your iPhone with Uconnect using WiFi and your vehicle’s voice command button. You’ll need to turn on your phone’s WiFi and put Uconnect in Wireless mode to connect both devices. Afterward, find the “CarPlay” option in your iPhone settings and choose your car.


You should now be able to use Apple CarPlay as much as you like.

Still, the best way to get the most out of the service is by using Siri, so don’t hesitate to use voice commands as often as possible.

Of course, updating your device software is an excellent idea to improve performance. Therefore, I recommend updating CarPlay as often as possible to ensure you get full functionality every time you use it in your car.

You can check out my previous article to learn how to update Apple CarPlay.

Does Uconnect Have Apple CarPlay?

It’s normal to wonder what comes bundled with Uconnect and what doesn’t. After all, native apps and dedicated buttons are a surefire way to get some idea of the functionality of a system.

You’ll find Apple CarPlay on cars with Uconnect 5 as well as select versions of Uconnect 4. Still, interfaces might be missing the Apple CarPlay option, and you can get it by following the steps I highlighted in the previous section.

And while not all cars have Uconnect, Apple CarPlay is compatible with all vehicles that have these versions of Uconnect.

In fact, CarPlay can work without Uconnect as long as the available interface can connect with your iPhone wirelessly or using a USB cable.

You can check out this article for the complete list of cars that support Apple CarPlay.


It’s pretty easy to get Apple CarPlay on Uconnect. You only need a compatible iPhone and a suitable Uconnect device to enjoy the service’s full functionality.

Remember to turn on Siri to get the best experience with service!

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