How To Fix a Ford Sync Radio With No Sound?

The best way to fix a ford sync radio with no sound is to perform a master reset to set the radio back into normal operating mode. Be aware that performing a master reset will have navigation points and personal data.  

  • Perform A Master Reset
  • OR 
  • Consult Ford Approved Mechanic

Ford Sync Connected but No Sound

Ford Sync
Ford Sync

Ford Sync Radio is a voice-activated system that can provide users with a ton of entertainment and information. They were designed to be more convenient for the driver, so operating the radio won’t pull their attention away from the road.

However, when the Sync has no sound, it can leave drivers feeling baffled.

In order for users to experience the best system performance, they should make sure they have a clean phone pairing with Sync. It is also a good idea to edit their phonebook contacts and clean them up a bit. If that doesn’t fix the issue, they may have to perform a master reset.

Performing A Master Reset On A Ford Sync Radio With No Sound

Users who are experiencing problems with their Sync radio should perform a master reset to erase any unused stored data and refresh the system to factory settings. There are two different ways that they can perform a master reset.

Before beginning the master reset, make sure the vehicle is in park. It can’t be running or set in accessory mode. It is also a good idea to be familiar with all of the controls. This process will erase all of the data from the Sync, so users should make a note of saved navigation points and personal data.

Master Reset: Version 1

  1. Using the driver’s phone, go to the setting menu and select Bluetooth. After that, select “Sync” to delete it.
  2. Once the user opens the Sync screen, they should hit the Menu button.
  3. Keep pressing the down arrow until the Sync settings appear. Select it and press ok.
  4. When the next menu opens, press the down button until Master Reset appears and then hit ok.
  5. A confirmation message should appear, so always hit Yes in order to complete the master reset.
  6. Once the master reset is complete, users will need to pair their phone to Sync again.


Master Reset: Version 2

  1. Just like in the first set of instructions, users will need to open their phone and select Bluetooth from the settings menu. From there, they will need to select “Sync” to delete it.
  2. When the user opens the Sync screen they will need to select the Phone button. The Sync screen will then display either “Connecting” or “No Phone Paired or Connected”.
  3. Press the arrow button until the screen says Return, hit ok.
  4. Press the arrow button until the screen says Advanced, hit ok.
  5. Press the arrow button until the screen says Master Reset, hit ok.
  6. Once the master reset is ready, a confirmation message will appear. Select ok to continue.
  7. Users will need to pair their phone to Sync again once the master reset is complete.


View the Official Ford Guide Here

A master reset is very simple to perform and should have the Ford Sync radio working like normal again. If your Sync radio isn’t making any sound, try either of these sets of instructions to have it working normally again. Don’t drive around in silence anymore.

Ford Dealer Professional Fix

If a master reset does not fix the Ford sync connected but no sound, you should consult a Ford specialist to diagnose what is wrong with the radio system.

While this could be an expensive option, you’ll be able to trust that Ford will be able to resolve the issue for you. They often have special diagnostic kits and expertise to resolve the issue quickly. If your car is still under warranty, you should definitely consult your local dealer.

You can find a local Ford dealer here:

United Kingdom Ford Dealers

United States Ford Dealers 

Ford steering wheel

Final Thoughts

You may be concerned that a Ford Sync radio not working is of significant concern, but don’t worry. A master reset will often solve this, just like how resetting other electrical products can magically fix the issue.

Kind of like rebooting a computer.

By following our guide, you should be able to reset the Ford sync in no time, and if this still does not resolve the issue, you should consult your local Ford dealer for more help.

Note: This can be a common issue causing Ford F150 radios to not work. See our dedicated article if you have this model.

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